Our Team

Gregg Wallick - Founder

Erick Vargas - COO

Dale Eby - CFO

Gregg's Story

In June of 2008, the financial markets went into a “tail-spin” as the country experienced the worst recession on record since the great Depression in the 1930’s. Gregg Wallick, owner of Best Roofing; a South Florida-based commercial roofing contracting company, along with every other business, started shedding overhead, cutting margins, and trying to ride out the financial storm. After about a month of sleepless nights and having exhausted every idea possible on how to make some sales, Wallick hired a professional sales coach, in hopes they would be able to see areas that he was missing.

The coach said, “Before we get started let me ask you a few questions”:

“How are you managing your sales team's behavior?” Wallick’s answer: “What are you talking about? We measure results. Eat what you kill.”

“Do you have a defined sales process?" Wallick’s response: “Sort of... they should know what to do, I think?"

”Do you have a CRM to track sales activities?" Wallick’s answer: “Everyone is doing their own thing."

Best Roofing’s sales strategy, like most other specialty contractors, believed that “throw enough against the wall and something will stick.” However, Best Roofing’s selling strategy was in reality, a pricing strategy. Best Roofing, like so many other specialty contractors, was a professional “bidding and begging organization.” They had no clue what it meant to be overqualified, find the decision maker, manage their pipeline, and monitor the closing ratio. After a few sessions with the sales coach, Wallick realized that with a more calculated approach, his company could bid less and capture more by following a strategic selling CRM.

What We Did

We designed Followup CRM  that met Gregg's requirements. The system must standardize the selling process. Everyone must follow the same  workflow requirements. The system must be easy to learn and easy to use. He wanted the users to feel the  system helped them be more efficient and effective vs. something that hindered their performance and slowed them down. The system needed to promote teamwork and tracked workflow from the time a  lead comes in, to the time of takeoff, estimating, and sales presentation and follow up. The system needed to be cloud based, so that the system could be accessed from any where that had internet access. He wanted everyone involved in any aspect of the selling process to have a Dashboard report that showed each user when tasks were due to ensure that they never missed a deadline or bid date. The system must have the ability to bid to multiple general contractors and keep things organized. No more sales reports required from the sales people. The system needs to do all the reporting. Let the sales people sell!

Trusted by contractors large and small.

Best Roofing Wins High Profit Jobs with Followup CRM

"Sales and Estimating is the life of the business. Followup CRM helps me manage my sales team and track all my leads, opportunities, and clients easily. I don't know what I would do without it." - Gregg Wallick - Best Roofing CEO

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