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Introducing the new Quicksmart brand

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7 Ways to Grow Your Commercial Roofing Business

For many roofing professionals, word-of-mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. To encourage positive feedback from your existing customers, work on developing an ongoing relationship with them. You can accomplish this by following up with clients 6-12 months after you’ve completed a roof. Make sure they’re happy and if they’re not, try to figure out a way to make sure they are!

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12 Ways to Get Referrals for Your Roofing Business

When you install a product that lasts 15 years or longer, you absolutely need a solid plan for generating referrals. It’s not enough to hope that the homeowner will suggest your services to a family member, friend, or neighbor. Rather, you need a targeted strategy that helps you get roofing referrals to keep the production schedule full. Learn pro tips for generating referrals for your roofing replacement business.

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Tips for Estimating Construction Costs

Construction estimates are used to get a general idea about the approximate project cost to complete. Here, the contractor gathers information from specs and quotes to determines how much labor and raw material to estimate the project.

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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Leads Don’t Fall Through the Cracks

At many companies, sales leads fall through the cracks – whether it’s poor organization or bad follow-up, there are many sales leads that never result in a sale, and it’s often because the sales team or the company management isn’t doing a good enough job of managing sales leads.Here are a few key reasons why sales leads tend to fall through the cracks:

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Organize Your Sales Process with the Right Roofing Software

A successful roofing company starts with your sales process. When it comes to growing your construction business and increasing retention, it is crucial to ensure you have a solid sales process inline. Organization and consistency are key to closing more deals.

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