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ComputerEase Integration

Erick Vargas

ComputerEase Integration

When used correctly, integrated construction management tools drive the revenue of any business through the roof. Today, almost all organizations in the construction industry rely on integrated systems to plan, organize, and execute their projects.

However, this requires highly sophisticated tools, many of which can be integrated to carry out diverse tasks. These tools are specifically designed to aid communication with the audience and to allow better decision making. At the same time, they also help organizations with budget management and cost control.

Often at times, diverse tasks such as these require the integration of two different tools. These tools are usually designed as standalone systems that excel at one particular business aspect. When combined, however, they open up a wide array of possibilities and use-cases that yield great results.

In the construction industry, it is a common practice to integrate construction accounting tools such as ComputerEase with CRM systems such as Followup CRM.

What is ComputerEase?

ComputerEase is one of the leading construction accounting tools designed for contractors. Under a single hub, ComputerEase provides all the features that are required to manage the financial endeavors of a construction business. All in all, it is one of the few fully integrated accounting and job costing solutions.

What is Followup CRM?

Followup CRM is a cloud-based software that is designed for customer relationship management in the construction industry. Geared for use by contractors, Followup CRM makes it incredibly easy for construction businesses to manage their communications.

What are the benefits of Integrating ComputerEase with Followup CRM?

In this article, we put together all the benefits of ComputerEase CRM integration with Followup CRM. These include:

Increased flexibility

Often at times, project managers and superintendents have to access accounts on-field. Since Followup CRM is cloud-based software, integration with ComputerEase would bring all the relevant data under a single hub. Contractors and project managers can then access this data right-away via the Followup CRM interface.

This results in great flexibility, which then leads to better decisions. Furthermore, it also increases their efficiency on-site, allowing successful completion of construction projects

Keeping a full track of clients

Perhaps, the biggest benefit of integration of the two tools would be a 360-degree view of clients and their payment statuses. Furthermore, this may also help the marketing team in numerous ways. These include setting up better strategies to re-engage old clients and reaching out to new clients effectively.

Predicting future financial prospects

By comparing customer trends obtained via Followup CRM with reports of the financial status of the company obtained from ComputerEase, business advisors and team leads will be able to predict the future of the company much accurately. This may also help a business in avoiding any potential black holes, by foreseeing the financial dangers.

Improved cross-collaboration

The sharing of information between two different departments within an organization sounds simple and easy. However, it is one of the most confusing and slow processes. After all, extracting and compiling relevant information takes time.

The integration of ComputerEase with Followup CRM would solve this problem right away. Essentially, it will make it easy for both teams to view what is necessary, in a single hub. At the same time, the information will not have to be entered repeatedly. Rather, only one entry would be required. After this, the entire integrated system will update automatically whenever any information is changed/updated.


ComputerEase CRM integration with Followup CRM can yield a wide array of benefits. Among these, the above-mentioned benefits are the most notable ones. Nevertheless, the applications of such an integration can be endless. All in all, it can help businesses in streamlining a big number of operations. Ultimately, this shall lead to increased revenue.

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