How 1st Choice Roofing Grew Margin 10% in One Month with Followup CRM

Erick Vargas

A few years ago, our client, 1st Choice Roofing, was having trouble with the number of leads they were getting. Prior to Followup, 1st Choice Roofing was using Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to keep track of all of their prospects. When it came to following up with these leads, they had no set process when it came to following up with leads and no way of keeping track of their bids. Everything had to be manually entered by hand and finding the information they needed would take up so much time searching for the keywords they needed to find a specific client.

It wasn’t until 1st Choice Roofing added a new, great salesperson to their team who addressed the lack of structure and processes in place and recommended finding something that allowed for better organization and offered lead tracking. That was what led 1st Choice Roofing to start shopping for a CRM that addressed all their pain points.

Followup CRM was the solution to their problem and worked perfectly for their company as it speaks directly to roofing companies and integrates with the construction platforms they use every day. And what really sold 1st Choice Roofing was the hands-on staff that answered all questions quickly and thoroughly and offered training that made the onboarding process simple and easy to adapt to.

Once investing in Followup CRM, they were able to seamlessly set up their platform one-on-one with our Customer Success team and customize their account to speak their language. 1st Choice Roofing was immediately able to streamline their sales process, organize their data, and steadily follow up with their leads.

And once they began incorporating Followup CRM in their sales meetings, their business really started to take off as they were able to have open conversations with their team, fill any gaps they had been facing, and keep track of their pipeline. Using Followup in their sales meetings really helped push their team to use the platform to the point where it became a part of their every day routine, which has allowed them to never let a lead fall through the cracks. Followup has allowed for complete transparency, making it easier to attain and exceed their goals.

Using Followup in their sales meetings has also helped with building team culture. They’re now able to help each other out as needed and it has really enforced camaraderie. Sales meetings are now much more efficient and actionable as they can track all the necessary data they need to know where they’re at with their sales.

Followup CRM has also helped 1st Choice Roofing immensely with internal communication. Being able to tag team members in projects and notes has allowed their team to get the answers they need quickly and easily stay in the loop.

The reporting tools Followup offers has allowed 1st Choice Roofing to dive deep into their analytics, see what jobs won and which ones didn’t, allowing them to optimize in areas where they excel. The dashboard on the Followup homepage gives them full transparency to the company’s (and individual’s) closing ratios and pipeline, which helps them project revenue goals in a timeline manner.

Last year, 1st Choice Roofing made 2.2 million in annual revenue and are projected to make 8 million this year and CEO, Tom Truelson, attributes much of that growth and success to Followup CRM.

We love watching our clients succeed and want to do the same for your construction business. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and invest in a CRM that will allow you to do just that, click here to request a live demo.

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