How Fischer Roofing Got Organized Fast with Followup CRM

Erick Vargas

One of the first steps in growing your construction company is getting organized. Organization is a constant process in a growing organization. Followup CRM is a great tool to help you get organized fast by tracking all of your leads, bids, clients, documents, photos, and everything related to a job in one spot. In this blog, we're going to share how Fisher Roofing got organized fast with Followup CRM.

When Fisher Roofing first joined Followup CRM, they were using spreadsheets and file folders in order to manage their business. There are many companies that still manage all of their client and job information this way. The problem with managing your business this way is that it can easily get lost, only one person can have that information at a time, and it's not stored in a centralized location. When Fisher Roofing moved forward with Followup CRM, they were able to keep all that information in one central place in the cloud so that everyone can keep up to date on what's going on with their jobs, no matter where they’re at.

Fisher Roofing loves being able to keep notes and tag team members on their job to keep track of important notes about specific clients. Whenever a client calls in, the receptionist is able to put notes in a specified file and notify the salesperson about their recent call through this tagging feature. This ensures everybody is on the same page about the most recent communication on the client.

You can also keep notes about anything that relates to this job in that section. Fisher Roofing also utilizes a new feature that allows you to pin a note to the top of your notes section so that it highlights the most recent or most important note on the job.

For example, let’s say a salesperson is going to inspect a roof and they have a dog in the backyard. The administrative team at Fisher want to make sure that the salesperson knows that this is the case and will pin that comment to the top to make sure the salesperson sees that note.

Another way Fisher Roofing is able to get organized fast is the search feature within Followup CRM. They love being able to get the information they need within a matter of seconds. Followup CRM has a state of the art search feature so that you can search by anything that has to do with the job, whether it's the client name, phone number, or address. All the information you need is at your fingertips and can be found in a matter of seconds from any page with this global search feature.

Followup CRM has helped Fisher Roofing streamline their sales process and keep track of all of their sales behaviors and due dates of any activities that their clients are meeting. This helps them get organized on what needs to get done to move the job through their process.

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