Improve Efficiency with these Construction Estimating Tips

Courtney Allbee

When it comes to construction estimating, efficiency is key to company growth and profitability. Estimators have a lot of responsibilities from managing bids to staying on top of due dates. Consider these tips during your estimating process to help improve efficiency and allow for a smooth, organized process:

1. Create Job-Specific Templates

One great way to improve productivity during the estimating phase is to create a template for each job type. Each template should include an itemized list of everything within your scope of work. This might include equipment, general conditions, administrative costs, and more, depending on the job and your specific industry.  

Using a template helps save time as most of the work is already done and you just have to make personalized tweaks each time.  

2. Prepare for the Worst

Another way to help improve efficiency during the estimating process is to plan for the worst-case scenario. Seasonality and weather play a huge role when it comes to construction jobs and many times, this calls for unexpected expenses such as recycling, permits, and more. It’s better to consider these items ahead of time then to leave them out and get yourself into a situation where you’re scrambling to figure out these details under a time-crunch.


It’s also important to factor in the scheduling that needs to happen for these potential unexpected expenses. Preparing for these scenarios will help you save time in the event of, say, a hurricane or snowstorm. Consider adding these items to your templates mentioned above to increase efficiency even more.

3. Go Digital Cloud-Based

If you’re still using spreadsheets for your takeoffs and estimating, you’re easily creating more work for yourself. Using a platform like Estimating Edge can help keep all your data organized in one place and easily accessible. Using spreadsheets increases your risk for error and inaccuracies, tends to get disorganized, and is not accessible from anywhere.

Automating your estimating and takeoff process saves you time and almost guarantees a more precise calculation.  


4. Consider Platforms that Integrate

Nothing slows a contractor down more than double entries and juggling multiple software. Be sure to invest in construction software that integrates with the platforms you use every day. Having to enter all the same data into multiple systems is time consuming and, like using spreadsheets, puts you at risk for accidentally inputting inaccurate data. Use an estimating and takeoff software that integrates with your everyday third-parties to allow that data to automatically store across all platforms.

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