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Why contractors need to track their sales activities and how to do it

Ross Romero

Why contractors need to track their sales activities and how to do it

By Ross Romero


Tracking sales activities is different from tracking leads. When you track leads, you learn more about the ideal client to pursue for successful sales. When you track sales activities, you learn more about which of your sales tactics are working—and which aren’t.

Top 3 Reasons To Track Sales Activities


  1. Learn which methods are most effective for closing deals with your clients
  2. Find pain points getting in the way of closing deals
  3. Get clear evidence if your sales are growing, shrinking or stagnating

Track Sales To Close Deals

Every time your team contacts a prospect after 2 pm, they get a positive response to keep moving forward in the sales process. If you didn't know this, you might keep insisting that calls are made before noon. When you can't see the big picture, it's easy to make decisions that feel like the right move but are really stunting your sales.


There is so much you can learn about the methods, or even the strengths and weaknesses of certain salespeople, that you can use to the benefit of your company by tracking sales activities.


Followup CRM makes it easy to see the highs and lows in your sales and zoom in on the problem. Our features, which you can see in a free video demo, include reports, graphs, and individually tracked sales tasks so you know the ins and outs of your sales.

Find The Chink In The Armor

If the reason the last four sales opportunities fell through were because your team took too long to follow up, would you know it? When you track sales activities you get insight about the gaps in sales tactics. Whether your team is taking to long to follow up with a prospect early in the sales process or you find it's best to contact clients after 2 pm, these are strategies you can ensure your salespeople are sticking to for improved sales.


Followup CRM neatly lays out a personal dashboard on every employee's account, one that business owners can access at any time, that list in detail when communication was made, how, and what came of it. When you use a system like Followup CRM you're setting your team up for success.

 Measure Success

Armed with the knowledge of sales tactics that work, and repairing gaps in the process, you'll find a clear picture of what your sales are saying about the health of your business. You can make proper predictions for growth, plan for slow seasons, and stop declining sales because you'll know where to look. Half the battle in running a business Is having clarity for the next steps. Followup CRM helps you find that clarity, and increase your bottom line. 

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