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Get organized and win more construction projects.

Get rid of spreadsheets with our easy yet powerful Construction CRM. Track your leads, bids, projects and customers all in one place.

Seamless integration with:   ✅ Foundation   ✅ Viewpoint   ✅ Sage and More


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CRM Built For Construction

Unlock the power of an easy to user Construction CRM. Streamline projects, foster client relationships, and supercharge efficiency. Built for construction professionals, by industry experts. Experience seamless integration, real-time updates, and actionable insights.


Integrated with Other Construction Software

Connect the apps you use every day to automate your work and increase productivity. Our Integrations feature moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your more important work.

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Track Leads, Bids and Customers

Followup CRM will help your construction company track and manage its sales process from start to finish while giving you all the reporting tools you need to make informed business decisions.


Completely Customizable

A CRM (customer relationship management) tool is crucial when it comes to keeping your data, internal and external communication, and project management organized in one place. 

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Outlook Integration

Organize all contact details and manage leads so sales can prioritize their outreach. An activity is anything that moves your deals toward closing. A phone call, lunch, meeting, email, or anything in between. You can’t control the outcome of deals, but you can control the actions that push deals to close--doing so is easy with Followup CRM.


Reporting and Dashboards

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you nurture relationships with leads while aligning your team’s sales activities. A well-designed CRM gives you the ability to better organize your efforts and to meet your sales goals.

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Followup CRM helps users track and convert leads, grow an unlimited database of contacts, analyze real-time dashboard reports, properly communicate with your team, and so much more.

Seamless integration with:
Sage and more