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The Simple yet powerful CRM Built for Construction.

Voted By capterra as 2022 emerging favorite easy-to-use construction CRM software.

The Construction CRM your
team will actually love.

Our best users are non-tech savvy construction professionals. Our average user age is a young 56! Even our most seasoned users love Followup CRM because its easy to use and save them time!

Gregg Wallick, the owner of a large construction company, was frustrated...

In 2009, his company was a mess...

  • Missed bids dates and follow-ups

  • Reporting was a pain.

  • Data was all over the place.

  • Everything was on spreadsheets.

  • Leads and bids were falling through the cracks.

  • Everyone was doing their own thing.

  • No accountability.

Gregg tried many CRMS but...

Generic CRMs require hours of data entry

Generic CRMs did not work for construction companies

Generic CRMs are
not Easy to use

So he built Followup CRM to be...

User friendly

Organize deals in pipelines and customize the stages to suit your process. Create team pipelines and filter by rep or stage, or have one for each team member.

Easy to set up

View your entire pipeline at a glance. Click to get details like history, contacts and next steps. Review analytics to help you identify opportunities to close more sales.


Increase your productivity by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks and measure key activities and keep focused on success.

Features Built for Construction

Automatically capture leads  from Outlook without data entry.

Tired of looking for client info in multiple spreadsheets, digging through emails or wrangling teams for updates? Look no further. Followup CRM organizes all your emails, files, and notes in one place.

See where all deals stand at a glance

Streamline your entire sales process with colorful and visual interface.

Automate Your Follow-ups

Follow-up email sequences let you personalize your sales outreach at scale and inspire more of your email recipients to take action.

Integrate With Software You Already Use

Streamline your entire sales process with colorful and visual interface.

Get Hours Back in Your Day.

One of the biggest challenges for business development and sales teams is spending hours on typing, copying, and pasting. Followup CRM automatically pulls in contact details like phone numbers and email addresses from your email. Followup CRM users save an average of 10+ hours per week.

Never Miss a Bid Date.

Hit due dates, manage workloads and keep your team in sync with one calendar. Since construction companies get their customers through bidding, having a bid calendar on hand will keep you and the rest of your team on track with regards to getting potential projects in the near future.

Track All Your Communication

Organize all your contact details and manage leads so sales can prioritize their outreach. An activity is anything that moves your deals toward closing. A phone call, lunch, meeting, email or anything in between. You can’t control the outcome of deals, you can only control the actions that push deals to close.

Never Miss a Bid Date.

Customer relationship management software, by definition, helps you nurture relationships with leads while aligning your team’s sales activities. A well-designed customer management software gives you the ability to better organize your efforts and to meet all of your sales goals.

Quickly Create Construction Bids and Proposals

Your sales team is wasting too much time hunting down the right content. Reps are fumbling around with copy and paste, formatting, and hacking together documents. Proposals are off-brand and inconsistent, but sales can’t afford to wait for marketing to design one for every deal. Followup CRM untangles your process and puts your team on the straight path to sales success.

Keep Everyone
on the Same Page

Organize your salespeople into teams and gain useful insights into their performance. Set goals and generate reports covering the wins, losses, and sales activities of any team. With Team Goals, you can set sales targets and help your salespeople know exactly what to spend their valuable time on.

Trades and Industries

Our CRM is built specifically for these specialty, home improvement, repair, and commercial contractors

30 Day Money
Back Guarantee

With Our 30 day Money Back Guarantee we are so confident that you’ll love the Followup CRM software. You will be joining thousands of contractors who are growing their business and hitting their goals. Which is why we can offer you a guarantee. No questions asked.