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Connect All
Your Essential
Construction Data

Integrate Followup CRM with your go-to applications and software for accounting, estimating, project management, and more. From Outlook and Gmail to FCS Roofing Software and The Edge, Followup CRM connects to all your essential construction platforms to help make your day-to-day seamless and keep all your data in one place.

Followup CRM Software Integrations and Partners

Connect All Your  Construction Data


Followup CRM seamlessly integrates
with Outlook, making it a breeze to
send emails through individual files
within the Followup CRM interface &
keep your conversations in one place.

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Followup CRM seamlessly integrates
with Gmail, making it a breeze to send
emails through individual files within
the Followup CRM interface and
keep your conversations in one place.
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Dataforma is the most inclusive
system for service management
professionals, including roofers, HVAC
technicians, and other remote
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Followup CRM’S integration with Foundation Software. Foundation Software allows users to pass new client information, jobs and pricing information directly into Foundation Software.
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Followup CRM includes a direct
connection in the EDGE™
Estimator Software and is used after
a company has won the job and is
ready to create an estimate.
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The Sage 100 integration provides better mobility to the sales & marketing team & will increase their collaboration. If your sales team is struggling with a crucial block, having on-the-go access to a client’s journey information can allow you team to close deals efficiently.
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Followup CRM includes a direct By usinginformation about customer trends from Followup CRM, Sage 300 can be used to make accurate predictions regarding the demand, estimated sales, & a lot more.
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FCS Enterprise is a fully integrated,
cloud-based software that offers real-time processing, allowing data to be
captured remotely – giving technicians
more time on the roof.
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Intuit QuickBooks is the world’s largest
workforce, providing all the tools you need to run a smooth  business. Followup CRM’s integration with Quickbooks brings all the relevant data under a single hub.
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STACK is a construction takeoff and estimating solution serving subcontractors, general contractors, suppliers and manufacturers. Save time, eliminate double entry and enforce data consistency with our latest integration with Stack.
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Deltek Vision is a leading project-based solution  for professional services firms to manage their clients, projects and finances. More than 4,000 customers use Vision to win more business, manage more profitable projects and have greater insight into their financial health.
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Viewpoint Spectrum is a complete, web-based construction ERP solution with leading-edge tools for accounting, project management, equipment and materials management, service management, document control.
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Vista Construction Software is the industry-leading construction ERP solution – scalable, configurable and fully integrated. Vista provides timely reporting of critical financial data with unrivaled visibility and control.
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Zapier connects all your important apps and allows you to automate workflows. Connecting with more than 2,000 apps, Zapier connects more web apps than anyone and  adds new options every week.
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Construction management software, Knowify, helps you keep everything in one place, organized, and under control. Our integration allows you to create customizable workflows to help you avoid any need for double entry.
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With the CompanyCam and Followup CRM integration, you can create projects in either software that will automatically populate in the other, making it easy to keep track of job progress and updates as well as keep all your important documentation organized in one place.
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Art Unlimited collaborates with you to change your company and community by delivering innovative, custom-designed marketing solutions. They work as a family to deliver dependable results with the vision to embrace change and solve problems.
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With eSUB Cloud, users can easily capture critical project data and documents in one place, enabling real-time updates from the field to help project managers quickly drill into cost or schedule overruns before they escalate.
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