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companycam integration

CompanyCam Integration Overview

  • Sync photos from CompanyCam to projects in Followup CRM with the click of a button
  • When creating a new proposal in Followup CRM, drag and drop CompanyCam photos into your proposal, editing and adding elements like annotations and arrows within the proposal generator
  • Push project information from Followup CRM into CompanyCam to eliminate double entry
proposal generator-1

In your project page, push the CompanyCam button to initiate an exchange of information between Followup CRM and CompanyCam.

If there is already an address in CompanyCam that matches the address in Followup CRM, it will be suggested automatically so the project can be easily synced.
CC 3

The photos from CompanyCam will appear in the "documents" section of your project page.

CC 4

To move the photos into a proposal, generate a proposal for your project. Any photo documents from your project page will automatically populate the photos section of the proposal.

CC 5

First choose a template, then add a photo page so you can drag and drop your photos into your selected template.

You can use the photo editor to adjust or add annotations or elements like arrows to the photos if they haven't already been added.
Save the photo and add more, if desired, and it will automatically appear in your proposal.