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edge integration

Estimating Edge Integration Overview

  • Generate detailed and accurate project estimates for your projects through Estimating Edge
  • Push project, company, and contact info to Estimating Edge from Followup CRM
  • Pull data from Estimating Edge into Followup CRM to better calculate bids and generate clear and concise proposals

Why Does the Estimating Edge Integration Matter?

You know the adage that tells you to "measure twice, cut once?"

This integration embodies that idea. If you are manually entering estimation info for projects, the margin for human error is high. The robust features of Estimating Edge ensure you offer a fair and accurate estimate on a project based on the software's calculations. When that data is pulled into Followup CRM, you can be confident the correct information will be included in your proposals and your sales pipeline without having to re-enter any data, virtually eliminating the opportunity for human error.