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Zapier integration

Zapier Integration Overview

  • Push information from Followup CRM to Zapier to create automated workflows
  • Zapier workflows establish connections between Followup CRM and other software to create streamlined processes and task assignments
  • Build a workflow between Followup CRM and any software you use that integrates with Zapier to establish if/then triggers or actions

Why Does the Zapier Integration Matter?

If you use a software that doesn't directly integrate with Followup CRM but does integrate with Zapier, you can establish an integrated workflow between the software and Followup CRM through Zapier. 

What's an Example of the Integration at Work?

You use Quickbooks for invoicing. When a bid is awarded in Followup CRM, your Zapier automation triggers Quickbooks to generate an invoice for the awarded bid, streamlining your sales and accounting process.