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What is Fast Track Construction?

July 18, 2023

Planning out construction projects can make anyone feel bogged down by decisions, but that’s where Fast Track construction comes in. Fast track construction projects can alleviate decision-making concerns and get your project completed sooner. Let’s dive into what it is and exactly how it can help streamline your projects

What is Fast Track Construction?

Fast track construction is a streamlined strategy of construction where the project starts without the design fully planned. An example of this would be putting in a basement foundation without having the main floor design planned out. Since construction projects can have bottlenecks, doing as much as you can with what you have available is extremely important.

In order to meet deadlines, a fast track contractor must be able to use the three C’s of construction: coordination, cooperation and communication. 

Coordination is all about planning each part and how they are going to come together. Coordination is planning out the layout of the site, where each project will be worked on and where parts, and tools, are stored. The contractor should want to keep a clean and organized environment to prevent accidents.

Cooperation needs to come from the team working on the job site. They need to work as a team and that team needs to be cohesive. They need to have flexibility to work on different projects each day and follow the lead of the main contractor.

Finally, communication is the cornerstone of fast track construction. Contractors should keep employees and clients informed on how the project is progressing as well as the next steps. If a problem were to arise they should talk and coordinate how to resolve it.

What are the benefits of fast track construction projects? 

  • Quicker return on investment
  • Project is completed early- a good project  manager will have a solid record of completing the project on time or earlier than expected 
  • Lower costs - reducing the amount of time on the market to buy supplies. Reduced cost of labor as the project is completed quicker.

Every fast track construction project is unique. It is by design to be individualized to fit the client’s needs. It’s quick paced but allows the client to make decisions when they are ready. A good fast track team needs to use technology to help with the design process and needs to be organized. 

How does Followup CRM help with fast track construction projects? 

Followup CRM can be a valuable contribution to any construction company as it helps track bids, leads, send notifications and reminders and creates consistent proposals. And of course, it does much more than that as well. 

Our CRM helps keep fast track teams on track. You can sync schedules so that everyone is on the same page. It also offers email tracking so that nothing slips through cracks. Followup CRM integrates information from different applications automatically. 

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