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What is Foundation Software?

August 22, 2023

Foundation Software is a company that helps handle the business side of construction. They have been in business for 35 years, which means they have multiple years of experience to help guide your construction company in the right direction. Their software was mainly designed to help with construction finances. 

What are the basic tools of Foundation Software?

  • Payroll: Takes the struggle out of union fees and is universal for each state tax regulations 
  • Job costs: Helps create and maintain budgets
  • General Ledger: To track and maintain reports
  • Purchase orders and Subcontracts: Supervise your spending on orders and outsourced work
  • Account payable and receiving: Simplify your outgoing payments and get invoices entered quickly.
  • Audit and Review: Keep a handle on your financial reports.

Foundation also provides six months training on how to use their software and they have customer support either online or over the phone. There are many additional construction modules to explore to make sure you get the most out of the tool. 

Additional Modules:

  • Project management: Manage emails as well as documents.
  • Service dispatch and scheduling: With their drag and drop dashboard you can manage service hours and shift schedules.
  • Inventory: Track orders, prices and oversee your stock.
  • Equipment: Trace the amount of usage on construction equipment, have automated work orders and easily calculate profits.

These tools can be a valuable asset to any construction business owner. Having everything in one place instead of on multiple spreadsheets will make your business processes a breeze.

Followup CRM and Foundation Software:

Followup CRM and Foundations software are partners. The two software types are compatible with each other which can improve your team's productivity. Followup CRM has tools to help you collect data, tracking leads and bids. This is beneficial to your company, as you will never miss a construction opportunity. 

Our software helps you create individualized proposals. Using our CRM calendar application to track due dates and work loads. We also have the ability to help search through your email to help you find your last correspondence with clients and crew members. 

Foundation software and Followup CRM can be the vice you need to expand your business. Pairing these to softwares together can increase your productivity. Schedule a demo with us and find out how these tools can boost your efficiency and productivity!

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