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What is Sage 100 Contractor?

August 8, 2023

Sage 100 Contractor is a Construction owners financial best friend. This CRM has tools for production, accounting, estimating, analysis and reporting. These tools are handy for managing successful construction business.


Production is the cornerstone of managing a construction team. The production programming consists of three main components which are project management, scheduling and service management. Each of these components have multiple tools that can be applied to management.

Project Management

  • Use mobile devices to provide access to documents and projects.
  • Field management 
  • Check punch lists, task list, correspondence and field reports
  • Approve and collect employees time worked on a mobile device 
  • Share photos, documents and drawings online


  • Gnatt chart-tracking and editing on screen
  • Notice conflicting project and resource reports 
  • Automatically generate Gnatt charts 
  • Track actual and original charts 

Service Management 

  • Track, dispatch and schedule technicians
  • Email techs
  • Use a mobile device to update service work orders with field technicians 
  • Track location of serialized equipment at clients sites
  • Track maintenance on client equipment 
  • Create and manage a dispatch board 
  • Oversee part pricing for work order quotes


Sage 100 accounting has multiple helpful tools to help make spreadsheets a thing of the past. This CRM helps track money coming in and out. It keeps all your financial data saved which helps for auditing purposes. It has things from basic tools like consolidating financial files and tracking fixed assets. 

Account payable and receivable gadgets can help you to stay afloat in this ever-changing financial world. Accounts payable has the ability to automatically create billing for subcontractors, letters when vendor insurance expiration is near, deduct vendor payments and retention calculations. Account receivable tools can slow you to mark up, void T&M invoices, loan draw and unitary billing and can audit invoices against contract amount. 

The payroll section is helpful both for the owner and the crew. It is automatically able to post and track payroll, separate union dues, automate sick leave and cover  payroll in multiple states. With its ability to track payroll the boss and employee can be on the same page.


The estimating tools can come in handy when creating proposals. They are able to auto generate proposals and can be modified easily. It can all help to maintain parts and pricing of multiple vendors. These features will help you be at the top of your game when meeting new clients.

Analysis and Reporting

The fractures in the analysis data will help you to make smarter business decisions. There are  reports by cost code, cost type, phases, and divisions, Bonding reporting and Original contract plus plan changes. You can also use their project hot list to help keep you on track with items that need your immediate attention. These features will help any construction owner stay on top of their game and be well informed. 

Sage 100 and Followup CRM 

Followup CRM and Sage 100 are partners which mean their application works together to help your company succeed. Sage 100 helps you with balancing a lot of the financial part of business, whereas Followup CRM helps you track leads and bids and lets you organize yourself as well as your projects. 

Our CRM will help you create consistent customizable proposals and help track sales. It takes data and helps you to schedule bids on a calendar. The calendar helps manage work loads, due dates and keeps your teams on the same page. 

The combination of the two programs can help you be a productive construction professional. Schedule a demo today!

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