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What is Sage 300?

August 15, 2023

Sage 300 is a financial CRM that takes the complexity out of managing companies all over the world. They take the stress out of decision making and help your company grow. They have data and analytics and are able to handle payroll with diverse currencies. They also have multiple tools that can help you manage your everyday business.

We’ll take a look at the four main tools that Sage 300 offers.

Four Key tools of Sage 300:

  1. Finance tools
  2. Sales and orders management 
  3. Inventory tools 
  4. Integrated Payments 


Finance tools

Sage 300’s financial services are all cloud based, allowing them to be accessed all over the world. The information can be switched to any language the person speaks who is accessing the information. It can also handle the diverse currencies. The financial records make tax time a breeze and the ability to consolidate financial reports for companies with multiple entities or for multi company owners reduces a lot of headache. 


Banking Capabilities

  • Account receivables 
  • Accounts payable 
  • Instant bank reconciliations 
  • AP withholding and reverse Charges
  • Automatic traced transactions 


Sales and order management 

The sale and management tools can be broken down into four categories: projects and job costing, purchase orders, order entry. Project and job costing gives you the ability to track contractors and subcontractors as well as track project timelines and status. Purchase orders help with purchase transactions and help automatically update inventory. Order entry helps you manage orders and sale returns. 

Inventory Tools 

The inventory tools are a valuable tool for any business owner. They help track your inventory and come up with reports that can help you manage your stock. It also has the ability to generate lot tracking numbers that can help keep you organized. 

Integrated Payments

The integrated payments tools help you to receive your payments quicker. They have added a “Pay Now” button. They can accept invoice payments when you link sage 300 with Stripe or Paypal. You can also process credit and debit transactions. 

Sage 300 and Followup CRM

Sage 300 and  Followup CRM are partners which means their diverse tools can work hand in hand helping with a construction business. Followup CRM focuses on helping contractors with tracking leads and bids. 

Our CRM will help you keep your leads and bids organized especially with our calendar application. The CRM helps create consistent customizable proposals and help track sales. The calendar helps manage work loads, due dates and keeps your teams on the same page. 


Sage 300 and Followup CRM can help you, as the business owner, be Productive and focus on the things that need your attention the most. Schedule a demo with FollowupCRM and we’ll walk you through how it can help streamline your business! 


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