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Winning Big with G.W. Thiel, Inc. and Followup CRM

July 4, 2023
Erick Vargas

At Followup CRM, our focus is on empowering users to leverage our software to its fullest potential. While the metrics of success look different for every business, common markers in the construction industries include closing ratios and proposals won. Customer Jerry Thiel, president of G.W. Thiel, Inc., shared with us how his business has seen substantial and consistent growth since first implementing Followup CRM into its workflow.

When it comes to analyzing data in a business with countless variables, organization is key. Prior to adopting Followup CRM into their process, G.W. Thiel, Inc. used spreadsheets and Outlook to record and track leads and bids; Jerry Thiel knew they were losing track of assignments and leads, causing them to miss opportunities.

"It was really frustrating, and we really couldn’t follow up properly. Since we made this change, there’s so much visibility through the [whole] process and the sales process that we’re really on top of every single lead.”

One of the most valuable changes Followup CRM has brought to the team dynamic at G.W. Thiel, Inc. is increased accountability and visibility within the sales team. Weekly sales meetings now include reports from Followup CRM to keep everyone in the loop and aware of how leads and opportunities are moving through the pipeline.

Aside from improving efficiency within the inner workings of the business, the most measurable improvements Thiel has identified have led to significant annual growth since first introducing our CRM to the company in 2021. G.W. Thiel, Inc.'s closing ratio went from 7% to 20% in twelve months after implementing Followup CRM, and that's not all:

"We went from winning 20% of our proposals to winning 35% of our proposals, and I truly just attribute it to Followup.”

If you are ready to take the next step and learn if Followup CRM is the missing component from your company's workflow, schedule a live demo now. We want to see your business win like G.W. Thiel, Inc. and so many of our other fantastic customers have.

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