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Best Construction CRM

Erick Vargas

To be successful in the construction industry, contractorsmust be able to build great relationships with clients, engineers, suppliers,subcontractors, governments, property owners. Just like other organizations,they must receive business leads via several different sources. These includesocial media, referrals, and networking. In this regard, systems such asFollowup CRM help contractors in the construction industry to wrap their headsaround all this extensive information.

Now, there must be several features that any reliable CRMtool must-have. At large, these include seamless integration, projectmanagement, customer management, proposals, and a lot more.

We, at Followup CRM, ensure that contractors have access toall the essential features that they require to drive their revenues higher.

Ease of use

All in all, Followup CRM is an easy-to-use cloud-basedsoftware that allows contractors to create new contacts on the go, manage notesrelated to them, and manage communications through phone calls and email.  

Furthermore, the interface of this tool is designed toenhance the user's overall experience. In this regard, new clients who sign upon our platform can get started right away. The user-interface guides themthrough every step intuitively. Along with that, there are some tutorials anddemonstrations present to further bring clarity.

Within a matter of minutes, our platform allows contractorsto start tracking and measuring their activities and sales processes.

Great project management

Followup CRM features several functionalities of projectmanagement built into the system. Since this system primarily targetsprofessionals working in the construction/architecture industry, it carriesseveral task management features specific to this industry. Many of these, arenot found in other CRM tools that are designed for a general audience.

Along with that, the system also has reminders and alarmsset in place to remind contractors about the activities that they areforgetting or have mistakenly ignored. Furthermore, the system also has somegraphs and charts that visually reflect the project goals that are to be met ona particular day.

Seamless integration with other software

In terms of functionalities, Followup CRM can offer clientsas less as they need and as much as they want. This is because of its abilityto seamlessly integrate with a range of other tools.

For instance, we have designed this tool to workexceptionally well with Outlook. This allows contractors to track emails fromcustomers in a dynamic automated fashion. Apart from this, other apps thatFollowup CRM can get integrated with include FCS+ and Quick Books.


Well, our pricing is pretty competitive too! There areseveral plans that Followup CRM offers.

The essentials plan, which is the most basic one, is pricedat $55 per month for one user. This includes reporting, standard dashboard, andoutlook integration.

Then comes the professional plan with a setup cost of $5000and $100 per user per month. This plan includes all the featured of theessentials plan along with four custom dashboards and 6 reports/visualization.

The Enterprise plan has a setup cost of $15000, and $150 peruser per month. This plan includes all pro+ features with unlimited dashboards.

A little about our story

While Followup CRM is the best construction CRM software today, our story began early in 2012after Gregg Wallick, the founder and CEO of the company noticed a huge marketgap for CRM specific to the construction industry. By collaborating with hisformer colleague Mario Gervasi, the CTO, the duo jotted down 'must-haves' ofthe system. Right there, the foundations of Followup CRM were laid down thatled us to become the leading CRM platform in the construction industry.

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