How the Followup CRM Onboarding Process Works

Erick Vargas

One of the biggest concerns when investing in a new software for your construction company is how long it will take to get set up. In this post, we are going to discuss how the Followup CRM onboarding process works so, rest assured, you can get set up quickly and efficiently as soon as you sign that dotted line.

When construction companies move forward with Followup CRM, they’ll go through a world class onboarding experience that allows you to quickly and seamlessly roll out the CRM software. Here’s what that onboarding process looks like:

First, we have a kickoff call. The kickoff call is the game planning meeting with an executive, champion of the system, and an administrative person who are all in charge of rolling out the system. Each one of these three people play a key role in ensuring the company successfully utilizes Followup CRM effectively. The executive approver is responsible for setting a vision for the usage of the system. The champion of the system, most often, the sales manager, is responsible for the day to day usage of the system, as well as leveraging the system in a way to manage the sales and estimating team. The administrative person is responsible for standard maintenance and housecleaning of the system to ensure data and reports are pulled in a clean fashion.

The next step in our onboarding process is our system set up call. The system set up call consists of a one hour meeting where we customize the system to fit the unique workflows of your company. During this meeting, you really get a hands on feel of how Followup CRM will be utilized at your company and once the system is set up and approved by everyone on the team, then we proceed to the third and final step of rolling out the system, which is the team training.

The team training meeting is when we gather all Followup CRM users on a meeting to thoroughly demonstrate how to use the system. We show you how to use the system to track your leads, bids and clients and answer any questions you may have during this session.

Once this meeting is accomplished, the system has been officially rolled out across the company, one best practice would be to utilize the system and a weekly sales meeting to ensure compliance across all of your users. We pride ourselves on hands, on training from our customer success manager to help everybody at your company utilize the system.

Once your onboarding has been completed, there are several resources that we have built to continually add support to your Followup CRM usage.

First, our customer success manager provides a free weekly user training that you can attend. This is especially useful for new hires. Another great resource we offer is Followup Academy. This is a structured training course that brings new users up to speed on how to utilize the system at their own pace, and at the end of the course, users can be certified through a short quiz on their Followup CRM knowledge, earning them a certification.

Another area that we continually support our clients is through our chat feature that's built and right into the system. This allows users to submit tickets and questions and receive quick answers. When looking for a new construction CRM at your company, it's critical to have a structured onboarding process to ensure a successful rollout.

The success of a CRM rollout at your company lives or dies based on the onboarding experience. You can have a great product with a negative onboarding experience and your company struggle with adopting the system. On the other hand, a white glove onboarding experience with in-depth training will ensure that your company adopts the system across the organization.

If you are interested in getting Follow up CRM up and running quickly at your company, click here to schedule a demo with us to learn more.

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