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How to Track Wins and Losses Automatically in Followup CRM

November 5, 2021
Courtney Fuller

Many outdated construction businesses and contractors use spreadsheets to keep records of their projects. They have to manually make calculations to try and find out if they’re winning or losing in a certain project.  

That’s where Followup CRM comes into play.  

With Followup CRM you never need to manually calculate your wins and losses; Followup does it automatically for you.  

Track your wins and losses at multiple different levels

When you open up the homepage of Followup CRM, you’re presented with graphical spheres representing your wins and losses.  

On the left-hand side, you can see your funnel view. On the right-hand side, you’re presented with a graph showing your current win rate. You can hover your mouse over wins and losses to see where they’re coming from.  


The best part is, you don’t have to input anything to make the graphs work — they get populated automatically as you bid on projects, winning some and losing the others.  

The calculation is done based on the Dollar amount, as well as the bid percentage. This gives you a deeper insight into your success based on the size of the project. For instance, you might have a higher win rate for smaller service-based jobs and a comparatively worse win rate for a bigger construction job. The system takes both criteria into consideration while calculating the overall win rate.  

Use filters to drill down deeper into the information

There are numerous filters on the top which you can use to categorize information based on different metrics.  

For instance, if you want to have a look at the win rate of a certain office of your business, you can select the desired office from the drop-down menu. Doing so will filter out the rest of the offices.  

You can also look at the win rates based on certain divisions. For instance, if you want to look at the success rate you had in the residential division, you can. Just select the Residential filter from the drop-down menu and you’re good to go.  

Furthermore, you can look at the win rate of certain team members. If you select any team member from the Team’s drop-down menu, you can choose any one of the incorporated team members and it will filter out the success rate of the rest of the members.  


Get to see your win rate with individual clients

With Followup CRM, not only can you locate the success rate internally within your organization, but you can also measure your win rate externally with each client.  

If you navigate to the clients’ page, you can select any company from the list and see your win ratio with them.  

Furthermore, you can look at your win rate with every individual of a client company. Let’s say a client company, named Company ABC, has 3 people working considers both criteria with you, i.e., X, Y, and Z. With Followup CRM, you can look at your success rate with X, Y, and Z individually.  

Watch your data update in real-time

When you navigate to a project and mark it as “won” or “lost”, the information is updated throughout the Followup CRM in an instant.  

The bottom line

Followup CRM completely eliminates the need to manually track your wins and losses. It automatically calculates your win rate with each client company and each employee of that company. Furthermore, you can filter out your win metrics with tons of filtration options.

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