Improve Efficiency With Construction Management Software, Knowify

Courtney Allbee

We know there are many moving pieces in your construction business. Construction management software, Knowify, will help you keep everything in one place, organized, and under control. The Knowify system gives you powerful tools to manage administrative tasks like time tracking, scheduling, purchasing, bill paying (accounts payable), contract management, change orders, invoicing (accounts receivable). Knowify takes all the important but hard to manage and paper intensive areas of your business and puts them up into a secure, easy to use, always accessible online platform.

Let’s explore these features and see how they can help your construction company improve efficiency:

Job costing and estimating


Knowify offers powerful job costing tools, you can plan your jobs and itemize your labor and material budgets to create comprehensive cost estimates. These estimates can be translated into a bid with a single click. Then, you can track materials, labor, subs, and equipment against budgets.

Bids, contracts, and service work

Knowify allows you to quickly create bids and contracts on your own letterhead and send them through the software for electronic signature. You can also quickly create service tickets and schedule technicians on work orders.

Time tracking and scheduling

Replace the whiteboard! Create and maintain your schedule in Knowify so that all your crew members can see what needs to be worked on while they are in the field. Your field workers can also clock in and out via the mobile app, and capture expenses from wherever they might be.

Let your employees submit expenses, track time, get job information, or upload images and comments from their smartphones. With Knowify’s mobile app, your organization will run smoother and paperless.

Knowify is designed around tightly integrated modules covering each of the major administrative areas. This integration dramatically increases efficiency and reduces error. For example: Do you have multiple outstanding time and materials or cost-plus contracts specifying different rates depending on the client and resources involved? No problem: Knowify has a contracts module connects seamlessly with time tracking, purchasing, and invoices to ensure that the products and billable time covered by your contracts are billed correctly.


Knowify offers the best in modern technology and business practices adapted for your small or medium sized construction business. The best part is, Followup CRM integrates with Knowify, reducing any need for double entry, eliminating risk for human error, and overall, increasing efficiency. To learn more about how this integration works, click here to schedule a call.  

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