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Why Contractors Need Real-Time Reporting

Ross Romero

Why Contractors Need Real-Time Reporting

By Ross Romero


If you are pulling reports to review how your contracting company can improve, you're on the right track. But you can take your business, and reporting, to the next level by using live reports. Live reports, also called real-time reports, provide an up-to-the-second view of your reports. Regular reporting involves pulling data into a readable format, then analyzing trends and forecasting. With live reporting, you can immediately get a clear picture into your company's health as changes are happening through a live dashboard.


Followup CRM provides real-time reporting features so you and your team can experience updated, valuable data to better your business.

Benefits Of Real-Time Reports


  1. Faster access for the information you need
  2. Instant feedback on customer care
  3. Smooth out business operations

Immediate Data On One Screen

Pulling reports is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly and forecasting for the future. But real-time reports give the added convenience of seeing this with just one click. Instead of taking the time to pull and analyze reports, it's as easy as logging into Followup CRM's cloud-based system, and right there on your homepage, you can view your customized dashboard. You can easily make informed decisions about your company's trajectory.

Anticipating Customer Needs

One of the markers of great customer care is the ability to anticipate your customer's needs. Doing so makes your clients feel thought of and cements loyalty. When you utilize real-time reporting to see where your team is in the process of communicating with clients, you're able to anticipate a need for follow-up before your customer tries to get your attention.


Followup CRM's customizable dashboards for real-time reporting afford you this opportunity for small but impactful interactions with your clients.


Eliminating Bottlenecks

When activities or tasks come to a halt in your office, it's not always known. With so many different departments to consider when managing a contracting company, it's easy to let tasks, people, and departments fall through the cracks. Your business functions like a car, and if one piece is broken, several systems are affected.


When you use real-time reporting you're able to see in one place where things have come to a halt, or if things are piling on fast and you risk a bottleneck situation happening with inventory or proposal submissions. Avoid the hassle of not knowing where your departments stand in day-to-day operations with the benefits afforded by Followup CRM's feature of real-time reporting.


Watch a video demo from Followup CRM to get an in-depth look at how our real-time reporting features can help your company grow.

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