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What is Phased Construction?

July 25, 2023

Every contracting project requires good planning. Phase contracting focuses on planning every detail before starting a construction project and completing it. With every detail planned you can prevent the struggle of making decisions along the way. 


Before you start the phases you need to find a project. This could be anything from bidding on projects to a bathroom remodel.

There are five phases that make up phase construction:

  • Project initiation 
  • Pre-construction
  • Procurement  
  • Construction 
  • Post construction

Let’s start by diving into project initiation.


Project initiation

Once a project is found it is broken down to multiple phases. The first phase being project initiation is coming up with a project initiation document breaking down goals and determining the sizes of rooms.

Once goals are found you go into the schematic design phase. This phase is where a sketch is made. This sketch will detail the diverse materials, textures and colors. During design development the contractors team will take this information to determine the materials and equipment needed.

The final phase of project initiation is contract documentation. These are the final documents that you can use to place bids.



The Pre-construction phase is all about the work site and filing documents. In some cases before construction can start they must evaluate the job site and be aware of environmental factors. They need this information to finalize their design as well as to test for environmental issues. Once they receive the finding they must report them to city authorities. Upon approval the construction team starts putting together a plan that finalizes the timeline, budget and design. 



The procurement phase is exactly that. It’s the gathering of materials, tools and services necessary to complete the job. Tools and machinery are sometimes rented to help complete the project. There can be some difficulties during the procurement stage based on the scope of the project and resources availability. 



This is where all the planning hard work pays off. This is where the contractor and the subcontractor work on creating their clients' dreams. They use communication and their planned out schedule to try to keep everything and everyone on track.



After the construction is complete there is still more work to do. This is when the machine rentals are returned, the project is walked through to make sure everything is complete. Plus there is the clean up. A good project manager will have taken notes and data on how to improve on complications that have arisen during this project. Taking this data will help to assure smoother projects in the future. 


How can Followup CRM help? 

Phase construction projects are all about planning! Followup CRM is programming designed to help contractors. The program is able to track leads and bids, help create consistent proposals, and keep everyone on track. 

This CRM is great at tracking data, keeping a digital bid calendar and sends notifications. It also has a sales and estimating dashboard. Followup CRM is also integrated with other construction software. Lose the headache with spreadsheets and let our programming help you. 

This CRM can make any construction team life easier. Let’s face it, technology is everything. Let this programming free up your planning time so the construction can start. Schedule a demo today.

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