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6 Benefits of Using Construction ERP Software, Viewpoint Spectrum

May 17, 2022
Courtney Fuller

Viewpoint Spectrum is an all-in-one construction ERP solution; used by millions of customers to be more productive with their workflows.  

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software has become an essential component of modern businesses in various industries, including construction. However, construction ERPs are different from usual ones, due to the ever-growing, demanding requirements of construction companies and contractors.  

In this article, we explore some of the most popular ERP benefits you get by harnessing the power of Viewpoint Spectrum in your workflow.  

Let’s get started.  

You can integrate every workflow to understand the project better

First and foremost, Viewpoint Spectrum lets you integrate all of your workflows, letting you get a quick look at the project at any time and understand where you currently are.  

For instance, you can integrate all the simultaneous tasks going on in your construction firm for a specific project. By doing that, you can understand the bottlenecks better and remove them before they manage to slow down the project.  


You can manage your costs like a pro

There are numerous levels of cash flow involved in construction projects. Material sourcing, employee payrolls, invoicing, client payments, and many more. It’s essential to keep a clear-cut record of everything to make sure no unexpected problems linger around.  

With Viewpoint Spectrum, you can be as productive as you get with project costing. With the built-in costing solution, you can track your expenses coming from various sources. Plus, you can keep an eye on your revenues to keep a record of how profitable certain projects are for you.  

You'll never be late on a project ever again

Project management is the essence of any construction business. If your performance suffers in one project, it may chain up and negatively affect future projects, too. That’s especially prominent if you’re spending most of your resources on the current project and can’t afford to work on another one simultaneously.

Luckily, with Viewpoint Spectrum, you can leverage project management like a professional. With the built-in project management tools, you can manage individual tasks of each of your projects efficiently, making sure nothing gets delayed in the process.  

With effective scheduling, you can reduce the probability of being late to an absolute minimum. In the end, you can ensure all of your projects are completed on time.  

You can provide your mobile, non-seasonal services with ease

Many construction organizations sell standalone, non-seasonal services throughout the year. If you do too, you know how tricky it could be to handle clients and service while you’re busy in more important matters.  

However, Viewpoint Spectrum has a specialized service management feature that lets you dispatch your field teams remotely with minimum effort. With the seamless mobile service management solution, you can ensure your customers are receiving the best possible experience.  

You can take care of your HR tasks efficiently

Viewpoint Spectrum has a bunch of HR-related features that let you handle your HR tasks from the same interface.  

From hiring to training, and from expense management to payrolls — you can do everything you could ever need to handle your employees.  


You can take better decisions with intelligent reporting

Last but not least, Viewpoint Spectrum has a reporting feature that gives you timely reports on where each project is. With a glance, you can understand the current progress of each project and determine how much time you need to complete it.

Furthermore, curated reporting enables you to understand the profitable aspects of your business better and take decisions that may benefit you in the near future.  

Bonus: You can use it in integration with Followup CRM

Viewpoint Spectrum has been integrated right within the Followup CRM interface.  

That means you never have to enter the same data on both pieces of software separately; it’s seamlessly shared between the two.  

Furthermore, you can access Spectrum from right within your Followup CRM window, ensuring you can be as productive as you can get.  

Key takeaways

Construction ERP solutions are the core need of any modern construction organization. And Viewpoint Spectrum is one of the most reputed names when it comes to all-in-one construction management software.

The best part is, Viewpoint Spectrum has been integrated right within the Followup CRM interface — ensuring you get the best of both worlds from a single interface.

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