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Best CRM Software for Mechanical, HVAC and Plumbing in 2022

August 10, 2022
Erick Vargas

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM for the HVAC and mechanical industries is a software program designed to manage all of your sales processes, keep track of your clients and their contact information, and your communications with clients, storing the information in a central database.

CRMs that are made for HVAC and mechanical contractors may also include project and document management features, automated and streamlined workflows, and scheduling options.

CRMs can integrate with email and calendar applications and other business software like Microsoft products, QuickBooks, and accounting programs or ERPs, like Sage and Foundation.

Following are reviews on some of the best CRMs on the market today for related industries such as HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, construction, painting, remodeling, solar and related fields.

Followup CRM

Followup CRM was created by Gregg Wallick who built a large construction company and understands what is essential to effective CRM software for construction and related fields.

Because generic CRM software is not a good fit for the mechanical trades, Wallick created Followup CRM to specifically meet the sales, organizational and business needs of construction companies and contractors in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, concrete, painting, solar and others who all have similar requirements for effective CRM tools.

What it Does For You

Keeps customer data organized and in one place that can be accessed from anywhere using the smart and easy dashboard.

The Sales Tracker feature improves the efficiency of your sales process as you to track leads, across each salesperson and the company as a whole, boosting the productivity of your sales team. You’ll easily view and monitor your sales pipeline and all of the data you need to make the best CRM decision in each situation.

The Bid Log and Bid Tracker do just what you’d expect and give you the information about each lead and job to provide exactly what is needed. Plus, you’ll never miss a bid or follow-up deadline, and you’ll have the right data to win bids and close deals.

Scheduling syncs calendars where you can add activities, create and view to-do lists for smarter, more productive work.

Syncs With These Programs

Followup CRM nicely integrates with a wide range of business applications including Outlook and Gmail, accounting and ERP systems like Spectrum, Sage, and Foundation, and programs like Dataforma and Edge.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM that helps mechanical contractors of all sizes track, nurture, and manage leads and clients, and analyze business metrics.

What it Does For You

Manage all of your client contacts, other contacts relating to each client, track and store all communications with clients including emails, calls, meetings, notes, and documentation with HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot sales tools provide sales pipeline management with a real-time view of your entire pipeline on a clean, visual dashboard. You can sort leads by won or lost, appointments scheduled, and contracts signed using custom filters. Among the benefits, you can clearly see what methods lead to higher sales rates.

HubSpot offers excellent reporting capabilities and you will also have the ability to customize features and workflows to suit your preferences.

Syncs With These Programs

Gmail and Outlook integrate with HubSpot as do many other HubSpot CRM tools such as HubSpot Sales and Marketing platforms.

Three coworkers in an office viewing a computer screen


Procore is a CRM for mechanical and related businesses and is full of features including project and team management tools.

What it Does For You

Built specifically for mechanical, HVAC and plumbing companies and similar fields, Procore delivers full-service project management tools. Manage every aspect of all projects from planning to bidding to doing the work to buttoning up the project including resources and financials and connect every contributor on every job.

Procore allows you to track and manage all of your client and supplier contact information, job information like RFI’s, inspection reports, and other documentation in a central location that’s accessible to your entire team.

The in-app document handling feature provides clients full visibility on all revisions and work processes and allows you to capture jobsite events with daily reporting.

Syncs With These Programs

Procore integrates with email programs and most Google products as well as many business software programs.

UDA Construction Online

UDA Construction Online line is a CRM with a robust suite of tools for HVAC, mechanical and plumbing industries plus construction contractors.

What it Does For You

Construction Online can handle all aspects of your business including project management, tracking estimates, and scheduling jobs and crew to increase efficiency and decrease missed opportunities.

Communication tools track and store all emails, calls, and calendar integration tools allow you to manage and organize all project tasks on one central calendar and keep all players up to date in the office and at the job site.

Other features include RFI tracking, easy file sharing, email and text notifications, the ability to assign tasks and resources, and easy to use dashboards. UDA Construction Online also features lead tracking, estimates and proposal tools, comprehensive reports like baseline, job completion, and resource reports.

Syncs With These Programs

UDA Construction Online is compatible with email programs, QuickBooks, and Excel.

Three people at a construction site wearing hard hats, reviewing a tablet

Unanet CRM by Cosential

Unanet CRM is a proposal and project-based CRM effective for industries including HVAC, mechanical, plumbing and architecture. It provides insights into key contacts, relationships, project pipelines, and past project history. Unanet is a CRM built to prepare, send, organize and keep track of a large number of proposals.

What it Does For You

Unanet Proposal Management tools give you the ability to access and easily work with the information needed to produce accurate proposals, let potential customers know your company’s capabilities and see the team and their competencies.

Unanet CRM tools give you more output for your effort using a central database and automated workflows.

With Unanet CRM you will have access to past and present project information making it easier to prepare targeted, accurate proposals, qualification statements, project profiles, government forms, and marketing collateral.

Easy on/off filters for sorting and grouping information allow you to put together reports with the essential data needed. Boost the usefulness of those reports with grid column outputs and graphs. If you prefer, export the data to Excel. Build customized reports for features like Opportunities and Projects.

Syncs With These Programs

Unanet CRM integrates with a large variety of software programs that handle business activities like contract and lead management, accounts payable and receivable, payroll. It also can be used with many other CRM programs, so you don’t have to pick and choose – get the best of any programs that make you more productive.

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