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Improveit 360 Alternative

September 28, 2021
Erick Vargas

In the current scenario, construction companies are gettingmore competitive than ever. In the construction industry, success greatlydepends on the ability to meet project deadlines efficiently and to have goodquality control. At the same time, the maintenance of stakeholder relationshipsalso plays a vital role. Unfortunately, this is something that manyconstruction companies overlook.

Today, clients have an endless array of options when itcomes to hiring contractors. In such a competitive environment, no companycould afford to fall back. In this regard, companies can stand out by utilizingan efficient CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

When it comes to CRM systems and lead generation tools, the optionsout there are aplenty. However, not every tool is well-suited for every kind ofbusiness.

For use in the construction industry, Followup CRM andimproveit 360 are two of the biggest home names. While both of these tools arespecifically designed for construction contractors and home improvementremodelers, they are slightly different in terms of their functionalities. Thoughbased on the reviews of users, Followup CRM is a better improveit 360 alternative, and we will tell you why!

First, let us have a brief look at both of these tools.

What is Followup CRM?

Highly popular among contractors, Followup CRM is thehighest rated CRM tool for construction industries. It is designed to helpcontractors with client relationships, bids, leads, and a lot more. Thiscloud-based tool can further be integrated with a range of other services,which simply expands its functionality even more. All in all, Followup CRM is asolid tool!

What is improveit 360?

Improveit 360 is a business management tool that is designedfor construction contractors and home remodelers. It provides a 360 degreescontrol of leads, sales, and customer relationships in a single centraldashboard.

Why is Followup CRM better than improveit 360?

Perhaps the biggest unique selling point of Followup CRM isa very intuitive dashboard and ea ansy-to-follow user interface. This way, anynew contractor can get started with this tool within a matter of minutes. Incomparison, improveit 360 isn't bad at all either! However, user tests suggestthat its interface is less intuitive. Hence, new contractors and those who arenot tech-savvy may find it difficult to use in the beginning.

As for the features, Followup CRM offers some essentials that improveit 360 lacks. These includeforecasting and sales pipeline management. The rest of the features arecommonly shared by the two.

However, it is important to note that Followup CRM isspecifically designed for customer relationship management. Hence, greatthought has been put into its capabilities. Where on the other hand, improveit360 is an ‘all-rounder’ tool with plenty of features that one may never use. Asa result of this, improveit 360 is unnecessarily complex.  

Then comes the pricing part, of course. While both of themoffer a free demo, Followup CRM starts as low as $25 per month. On the otherhand, improveit 360 starts at $150 per month (which might be quite unaffordablefor small and medium-sized companies).  

Ultimately, both of these tools offer highly prompt customersupport. So in this regard, they stand somewhat in the same line.


Considering the comparison above, it is quite evident thatFollowup CRM takes the lead in terms of pricing, features, and user experience.While improveit CRM is not certainly bad, it can be highly complex for newusers. Where Followup CRM offers a highly focused tool at a much lesserstarting price. This makes it the best improveit360 alternative in the market out there.

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