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Jobnimbus Alternative: Here’s What You Should Know.

September 28, 2021
Erick Vargas

FollowupCRM vs Jobnimbus: Here’s What You Should Know. Simply put, CRM (customer relationship management) is a combination of technologies, strategies,and activities that companies employ to manage their relationship with potential and current customers. In this regard, companies readily make use of a range of CRM  software/services to manage their interactivity with their key audience. At the very core, a reliable CRM service/software should provide a simple yet highly sophisticated interface to users. Such an interface should be reliable enough for efficient data collection that both SMEs and bigger enterprises can use to communicate with their customers.


While customer relationship management is not a big puzzle in itself, there is a vast array of methods through which it can be implemented. These include telephone conversations, mail, chat, social media,blogs, email, and a range of other marketing mediums. All of these mediums can be integrated into a single CRM solution. In this regard, a number of successful CRM solution providers have emerged in the last decade. Among these,Followup CRM and JobNimbus are the most notable. While both of these tools target the construction/contractor management niche, Followup CRM remains ontop of the line. As a result of this, despite being established a year later than JobNimbus, Followup CRM has taken over as the most preferred alternative to the former. And we’ll tell you why! For CRM software/tools, security is a major distinguishing factor. After all, both SME and bigger enterprises are always under the watchful eye of cyber-criminals. In this case, a breach of sensitive customer data could cost a big enterprise several million USD. For instance,Facebook lost a total of $13 Billion in the famous 2018 data breach, following which,the company's stocks fell by 3% rapidly.


A quick security comparison between the two yields that JobNimbus lacks both multi-factor authentication and regular security reports/alerts. In comparison, Followup CRM offers both of these features along with other additional features including encryption of sensitive data, HTTPS,and removal of customer information after service cancellation. Due to unparalleled security measures, Followup CRM takes lead as the best JobNimbus alternative in the current market. Apart from a high level of security,easy-to-understand user interface is yet another differentiating factor. In this regard, Followup CRM is seamlessly geared towards users of all levels.This is because the Followup CRM interface is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Hence, even the not-so-tech-savvy users belonging to the construction niche may naturally get used to it. All in all, it provides agreat user experience. In comparison, a first look at the JobNimbus interface can be slightly daunting. This may slow things down for a first-time user. So,unless JobNimbus fully transforms its user interface, Followup CRM would lead terms of better user experience.


Ever since the burst of the dot com bubble in 2001, CRM tools have been increasing in popularity. Today, CRM tools are used by businesses of all scales/sizes and those belonging to all sectors. According to a survey by Buyer Zone, 91% of all companies that employ more than 11 people,rely on CRM software. This simply reflects the ever-growing adoption of these tools in the marketing space.

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