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September 28, 2021
Erick Vargas

Customer relationship is an extremely efficient and important approach for the maintenance of communication and relationship with consumers. It helps businesses to ideate a bonding with the customers and to create great goodwill. Such a development would allow any construction business to reach new horizons of success.

Nowadays, the world has gotten smaller and the competition has increased tremendously. As a result of this, before hiring a contractor, clients tend to shop around and pick/choose. Hence, no construction business can afford to fall back in the current scenario.

Now, to maintain a good relationship with customers, businesses rely on CRMs today. This helps them in making a great first impression and to maintain a loyal customer base. Among these, MarketSharp and Followup CRM are two of the most commonly used CRM systems.

What is MarketSharp?

MarketSharp is a CRM and marketing tool that is designed for remodelers, contractors, and home improvement professionals. The prime aim of this tool is to improve sales team productivity, leads, and conversations.  

Since it is a marketing software, it has several usual features that include appointment scheduling, lead generation, contact management, and sales management. All in all, it is a robust marketing tool.

What is Followup CRM?

Followup CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management tool that is designed especially for contractors who work in the construction industry. This tool further targets the following industries:

• Mechanical


• Roofing

• Plumbing

• Windows

• Remodeling

• Restoration

• Pool

• Glazing and glass

• Excavation

• Electrical

It features a very easy-to-understand interface, with features a range of reporting tools. At the same time, it can also be integrated with a wide range of other tools (one of the biggest benefits of Followup CRM).  

In simple words, Followup CRM can be considered as the best MarketSharp alternative. This is because, along with the typical features that MarketSharp has, Followup CRM possesses a range of added functionalities.

Why is Followup CRM the best MarketSharp alternative?

According to a number of construction industry contractors, Followup CRM is the best MarketSharp alternative. While both of these tools are highly robust and professionally designed, certain elements of Followup CRM make it stand out better.

Firstly, Followup CRM takes the lead in terms of its price. It starts at $25 (basic plan) and goes up to $75 on the professional level. Moreover, users also have the option of creating a custom enterprise plan. On the other hand, MarketSharp costs $70 on average which is far more than Followup CRM.

Furthermore, Followup CRM contains two unique features that MarketSharp CRM lacks. These include Forecasting and Quotes/Proposals. Both of these features are highly essential for construction industry contractors. Hence, Followup CRM takes the lead here again.

Another unique selling point that Followup CRM offers is the intuitive user interface and overall better user experience. In other words, a new contractor will not feel intimidated by the system. Instead, the interface is designed in such a way that a user gets guided along intuitively. In comparison, the interface of MarketSharp looks rather jumbled up. As a result of this, many new users find it rather complex and difficult to use.

As far as the level of customer service goes, both of these tools do equally well. Their customer support team is highly responsive and cooperative. After all, both Followup CRM and MarketSharp are well-known tools used by contractors globally.

While every tool is bound to have some pros and cons, Followup CRM stands out because it features all the essentials that any construction based CRM tool should have. Hence, it is the better MarketSharp alternative (in the construction industry, at least).

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