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Salesforce Alternative For Construction

September 28, 2021
Erick Vargas

The other aspects in which Followup CRM takes a lead include some useful extra features, special integrations, intuitive dashboard, better user experience, and a higher number of features. This makes it the best Salesforce alternative for construction out there!

In the construction industry, contractors must be able to build a strategic relationship with clients, engineers, suppliers,subcontractors, government, owners, and architects. Just like other business organizations, contractors receive leads through a variety of sources including personal networks, social media, and referrals. Without the use of a CRM(customer relationship management tool), it would be impossible to manage this communication. 


Hence, CRM tools are vital for the optimization of marketing strategies and even on-site operations. In this regard, a preferred CRM tool would be the one that brings all the data under a single intuitive dashboard, so that business insights can be analyzed on the go.


Two of the most popular CRM tools include Salesforce and Followup CRM. However, there are several reasons why contractors prefer Followup CRM over Salesforce (in the world of construction, at least).And in this article, we will tell you why!


But first, let us take a brief look at the key features of any CRM tool.  

What are the key features of CRM tools? 


In general, the key features of a construction CRM tool may include the following: 


  • Contact management
  • Sales forecasting 
  • Lead management 
  • Integration with email services and email tracking 
  • Instant messaging within the platform 
  • Analytics
  • Content and file sharing 

What is Salesforce ? 


Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based CRM tool developed by, INC. Headquartered in California, the company earns a major portion of its revenue through its CRM services. 


All in all, Salesforce is an integrated CRM tool that serves various departments including service, commerce, sales, andmarketing. While it is one of the most popularly used CRM tools in the market,the software has its flaws too. 


While it is a powerful tool, its biggest drawback is that it is not specifically designed for the construction industry.In this regard, Followup CRM might be a better salesforce alternative for construction.

What is Followup CRM? 


Followup CRM is a highly intuitive cloud-based CRM tool that makes it extremely easy for organizations to optimize their operations. Specifically designed for contractors, Followup CRM combines a number of unique features that set it apart. But that is not all!


For a big part, the Followup CRM is specifically designed to seamlessly integrated with a range of other communication and project management tools. These include Outlook, FCS+, Quick Books, and a lotmore. In this regard, its applications are almost endless. 

Why is Followup CRM the best Salesforce alternative for construction?


Well, contractors in the construction industry tend to prefer Followup CRM over Salesforce for a number of reasons. 




In comparison to Salesforce, Followup CRM offers two extra features that include a Customer Database and Data import/export.Other notable features that Followup CRM have to include the following:


  • API
  • Activity tracking
  • Activity Dashboard 
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Alerts/Escalation 
  • Approval process control 
  • Bid management 
  • Contract     drafting



Well, in total, Salesforce offers a greater number of integrations. However, Followup CRM carries some highly useful and distinct integration that Salesforce lacks. Since these integrations are highly beneficial for contractors, it sets Followup CRM apart from Salesforce.


The distinct integrations that Followup CRM offers include: 


  • FCS Roofing software 
  • Grow 
  • Outlook 
  • QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Visual Visitor 


Based on these distinct integrations alone,Followup CRM takes lead as better CRM for contractors in the construction industry.




For most professionals in the construction industry, time is a utility that cannot be wasted. While Followup CRM has an extremely intuitive and easy-to-understand Dashboard, Salesforce is a highly complex tool. 


A first look at both of the tools makes it quite clear that Followup CRM offers a better user experience. This is because it is designed to guide a user through. While Salesforce might be a heavier tool, it's dashboard is equally complex. To use it seamlessly, one may require a good deal of training. As a result of this, it often ends up being overkill in the construction industry.


Essentially, it should not take a user more than one hour to figure the Followup CRM dashboard out. On the other hand,understanding how Salesforce works is a hefty process in its way.




Well, whether one agrees or not, price is one of the major differentiating factors. In terms of the price, Salesforce does certainly take a lead. This is because it starts at $25 per month, whereas Follow up CRM begins at $55 per month. 


However, considering the functionality that Follow up CRM offers to construction contractors, this price is quite justified.After all, it is a specialty tool. Where on the other hand, Salesforce is designed for general use. 


At the same time, Followup CRM also offers a risk-free trial period, allowing contractors to test its functionality before actually paying for it. Hence, there is no risk involved here. 


Customer Support 


Both Salesforce and Followup CRM have the same support channels. But, if there is one thing that Followup CRM is distinctly known for, it is a highly responsive customer support team. It greatlysurpasses the customer support of Salesforce in terms of high responsiveness.This is also evident from the customer reviews on the internet.



There are certain aspects such as the total number of integrations, organization, and price, where Salesforce might take a lead. However, overall, Followup CRM offers far better functionality to construction industry contractors. 


The other aspects in which Followup CRM takes a lead include some useful extra features, special integrations, intuitive dashboard, better user experience, and a higher number of features. This makes it the best Salesforce alternative for construction out there!




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