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What Makes a Successful Construction Manager?

June 26, 2023

Managing construction projects can be exhausting and complicated, but it’s often made more so by unnecessary obstacles and a hard line attitude of “work harder”. In reality, efficiency comes from working smarter in regards to things such as proper planning, concise but effective communication and tools that streamline the process.

We’re going to explore some of what makes a successful construction manager and how you can take your projects to the next level.

What makes a successful construction manager?

 We’ll start by looking at four key components that will help you become a successful Construction manager: 

  • Digital Literacy
  • Planning Skills
  • Communication
  • Customer Orientation 

Living in the digital age makes digital literacy a vital part of being a construction manager, but it’s often misunderstood. Digital literacy is more than just understanding how to use a computer. It’s about the ability to use diverse programs such as building information modeling, artificial intelligence, and project management software. Taking the time to learn and develop these technological skills could give you a step up you need.

These programs give you the ability to be successful in managing your construction business. Tracking bids, creating proposals, and maintaining communication with staff and clients. Using these programs also helps in planning out construction projects. 

Proper planning skills will help you set up a foundation for any good construction project. Breaking down projects in a consistent and effective way, and setting proper goals, are the keys to success. Find the right technology to help streamline the planning process and remove unneeded headaches.

How can Followup CRM help?

Using technology like Followup CRM makes it easy to assist in the planning process. Followup CRM can create consistent customizable proposals, send reminders and have a scheduling system so that you don’t miss out on bids or miss out when proposals are due. It also helps in tracking emails which can be a valuable part of communication. 

It’s important to talk about communication because it’s such a crucial piece of the puzzle for a construction team. Being a leader of a project means giving and accepting feedback from your team as well as pairing the right personalities and skills to accomplish tasks. It is important that each member has clear tasks and understands what is expected to complete the project.

Communication is also a big part of customer orientation. Customer orientation focuses on building a positive rapport with customers, understanding and anticipating the needs of the client. From there, you can take data, analyze it and come up with real life solutions. Having effective communication with the client is crucial to a successful project. 

Keep the customer involved by having them co-create the project. Take the time to sit down with your client. Hear their design ideas and show them data and charts. Track their emails and remember where you left off. With the support of Followup CRM, your customers will see your corporation and their vision is getting met. Customers will start spreading positive words about you!

Taking the time to improve your digital literacy, planning skills, communication and customer orientation are the keys to success. Pairing those skills with a solid program like Followup CRM will help you to succeed.

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