12 Ways to Get Referrals for Your Roofing Business

Erick Vargas

When you install a product that lasts 15 years or longer, you absolutely need a solid plan for generating referrals. It’s not enough to hope that the homeowner will suggest your services to a family member, friend, or neighbor. Rather, you need a targeted strategy that helps you get roofing referrals to keep the production schedule full. Learn pro tips for generating referrals for your roofing replacement business.


1. Consider starting a roofing referrals program.

Give homeowners a tangible reason to refer your roof replacement business to friends, family, and even coworkers by offering a referral reward program. There are plenty of options for structuring this type of program:

• Offer gift cards to local or chain restaurants

• Make a donation in the homeowner’s name to a specified charity

• Offer a significant discount off a future service, like gutter cleaning or window replacement

• Enter all referring homeowners into a drawing to win a larger prize, like a tablet or a family pack of amusement park tickets

No matter how you structure the roofing referral program, make sure the guidelines clearly define how and when the gift or prize will be awarded.

2. Use professional-quality equipment.

One way to thrill customers so they’re more likely to make referrals is to invest in high-quality equipment Your crews simply drop old shingles, nails, and other debris directly into the raised container rather than tossing them onto the ground. Less mess + less damage = happier customers.

3. Send “thank you” notes after each job is completed.

If you’re not quite comfortable with a formal roofing referral program, this option is a nice compromise. After each job is completed, send the homeowner a handwritten "thank you" note along with a small gift. The gift doesn’t need to be pricey; it can be a gift card to a local ice cream shop or maybe a reusable water bottle branded with your roofing company’s name.

When you show genuine appreciation with a gift that asks for nothing in return, you reinforce the idea that you manage a professional roofing company focused on customer satisfaction—and that makes it easier to get more roofing referrals.

4. Ask customers to post online reviews.

Online reviews can be as valuable as face-to-face referrals, especially when you consider these local business consumer survey results:

• 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal referral

• 90% read fewer than 10 reviews to get an impression of a business

• 73% say that reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant

Create a steady stream of current reviews by asking homeowners to leave unbiased reviews and ratings on Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, or other sites popular in your area. If you send a "thank you" email to each customer after the job is done, make it simple for them to leave reviews by adding links in the message that lead directly to your company’s pages on review sites.


From making a killer impression during the sales stage to installing the last shingle, the entire roofing process can make or break your chance of landing more referrals for your roofing company. Developing and implementing these tips to get referrals can further enhance your customer relationships, too. Keep an eye on our blog for more insight to help you and your team work smarter, not harder.

5. Strategic Partnership

There are hundreds or even thousands professionals in your city/town that can refer you a ton of business. These are complementary providers that are in constant contact with your potential customers.

Professionals like real estate agents, home inspectors, real estate investors, and property managers are all great targets to build strategic partnerships with.

A great way to incentivize these relationships is to monetize each referral. You can provide a commission for every sale that is generated.

Here are several ways to start building relationships with these professionals.

1. Chamber of Commerce- you can attend your local chamber of commerce and meet other local business owners. Chances are that will come across someone that can potentially refer you more business.

2. Local Meetups- You can sign up for local business meetups using this site: https://www.meetup.com/ to join different groups. This another way to meet local business owners.

3. BNI- is the largest professional network in the world. You can sign up here: https://www.bni.com/ BNI works exclusively. This means that if they don’t have any roofing businesses than you can join one of their groups. However, if there are roofing businesses in the group then they won’t let you in. You might to create a new group and start from scratch.

4. Linkedin- You have the entire global professional network to view on Linkedin. You can start a systematic campaign that reaches out to local professionals that connect with them. You can ask these pros to meetup for coffee to begin the relationship.

6. Ask your current customers for more referral.

The best way to get more referrals is to simply ask for them. I know this is not groundbreaking information, but everything begins with a single step.

Referrals are the single best type of leads. When you generate a referral a seller’s trust and credibility is already built in. This makes referrals much easier to sell.

Prospects that come from referrals pay the most and are the most loyal. Also, the investment for referrals is minimal compared to other marketing campaigns

Please note that is originally was posted on a few Facebook Groups and since it’s gotten such a great response I decided to repost it here

I know this is not news to everyone….

However, a lot of roofing businesses struggle to generate consistent referrals.

The main reason they struggle is that there are no systems in place that generate consistent referrals.

If you keep reading I am going to show you some unique strategies you can use to get more referrals.

7. Email marketing campaign

Send an email to your database and ask them for referrals.

8. From your website

Add a link to a referral form on your website. You can use simple tools like Google Forms or Wufoo to create the forms.


9. Maintain your current partnerships

Maintaining a relationship can be as simple as a phone call or an email just checking in. But, something that will make you standout is if you send a handwritten note simply thanking them for the relationship.

10. Use the law of reciprocity

The best way to get something is to give something first. If you are constantly providing referrals to your partners than it is more likely that they will return the favor. This is the law of reciprocity at work.

11. Share content with your network

You can host a local seminar or a local lunch with your partners and offer to provide great content to them.

A local seminar like 5 Things A Commercial Property Owner That Has To Know Before Filing A Claim

You can ask any property managers who they might know that can benefit from a seminar like this.

12. Treat your vendors and suppliers like your partners

If you let them know how you can help they can do the same with you.

Referrals are the single best type of leads. When you generate a referral a seller’s trust and credibility is already built in. This makes referrals much easier to sell.

Prospects that come from referrals pay the most and are the most loyal. Also, the investment for referrals is minimal compared to other marketing campaigns.

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