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Four Features To Keep In Mind For Centralizing Business Communications

Ross Romero

Four Features To Keep In Mind For Centralizing Business Communications

By Ross Romero


Chaos is not the office mood business owners aim for, but it's what usually happens when there is no centralized communication hub. In the contracting field, there are several opportunities to communicate, internally with your team and externally with your clients. Mismanaging these communications may make your business lose credibility.


A customer relationship management (CRM) system is one solution to collect all communications in one easy to use location. Followup CRM provides a central hub for communications and so much more. Watch a free video demo to see if we are a good fit for your business needs.

Things To Consider When Centralizing Communications

When centralizing communications for your contracting business, it's important to find a solution that can:


  1. Share communications between team and clients
  2. Schedule appointments with clients and internal tasks to complete
  3. Keep all your company communications secure
  4. Provide updated details on changes

Internal Communications Management

You have to negotiate contracts, put together bids, submit proposals, and the list goes on. When you lack a central place to keep track of these fast-paced communications you leave your company process vulnerable to errors, which makes your business look unprofessional.


Followup CRM integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail so you can keep track of your communications. You can also keep records of contracts, estimates, and more right within your client's profile.


Schedule Appointments With Clients

One of the main benefits of centralizing your communications is organization. What happens to the details that arise out of communications? How do they spread throughout your team? Communicating is not a passive activity, it's an active one that requires a place to store notes for ongoing communications that lead to sales.


You can rely on Followup CRM's color-coded task manager that appears on every employee's dashboard, to view appointment times and tasks to be completed by certain dates. This way your team has immediate access to their communications and workflows, and as an administrator, you can view everyone's appointments as well, including if someone is falling behind.

Keeping Communications Secure

A major setback to keeping communications, especially confidential communications, across several different platforms is the struggle of maintaining that confidentiality. When you use a central location for tracking communications, then there is only one place to safeguard.


Followup CRM makes this easy with our cloud-based software that offers robust security measures and encryption.

Get The Most Updated Details

Finally, you have to tackle the problem of timing. When your communications aren't centralized you may not always have the most up-to-date information. Details are lost in exchanges, and if someone on your team forgets to notify someone about a change, that can mean lost time and lost dollars.


Choose to streamline your communications processes and centralize them for improved outcomes, with the help of Followup CRM.  

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