How to Hold Your Sales Team Accountable with Followup CRM

Erick Vargas

One of the toughest parts about running a construction business is holding your sales team accountable. For many companies, there’s a lack of structure and everyone is doing their own thing with no set process. Then, when the company has a bad month or a top salesperson leaves, leadership wakes up to see that they need a way to hold their team accountable.

Here are 6 ways Followup CRM can help you hold your team accountable.

1. Keep all your information in one place

Having one place, one source of truth, is a must have when it comes to accountability. If everyone is managing their business on their own spreadsheet, client information will start to fall through the cracks. When a salesperson is managing a relationship, what happens when the client calls in with a question? You will want one place where an administrative person can go to, access all the relevant information, take notes, and answer the client’s question. Then the salesperson can review the interaction with the customer so that everyone can be on the same page.  

2. Sales Dashboards

One of the features that our users love about Followup CRM is our sales dashboard on our homepage. The sales dashboard gives you live analytics of what’s going on at your company. You are able to see all of your open projects by status, closing ratio, and progress on your goals. When looking at your pipeline you will be able to see what deals are expected to close this month and ask your team for an update on specific jobs. If you see your closing ratio drop, then you can talk to your team about getting the right kind of work to the right type of client. The sales dashboard helps you also make sure you are bidding the right amount of work so you can hit your revenue objectives.


3. Activity Dashboard

Does your sales and estimating team have a plan every day? Do you know what they are accomplishing each day? That is what the activity dashboard helps you track. Followup CRM breaks down your sales process into individual activities that need to be accomplished in order to close those deals. A salesperson can schedule those activities so they appear on their activity dashboard. If the activity is overdue, it will be displayed in red on their dashboard. It will also show you how many days the activity is overdue. This allows you as a manager to hold your team accountable to make sure everybody’s doing what they’re supposed to be doing and nothing is falling through the cracks.

4. Report Card

Are you interested in seeing how a salesperson performed over the last month or quarter? The report card is the perfect feature to view this type of information. All you need to do is select the date range as well as the user and it will pull all activities that user has completed in Followup CRM within that selected timeframe. This allows managers to see exactly why salespeople may be under-performing. The report card feature allows for complete transparency which is crucial when it comes to filling in gaps and reaching your goals.

5. Reports and Charts

If you are looking to take a deep dive into a salesperson’s performance, Followup CRM provides dozens of insightful reports so that you can drill into those details. One of the most popular reports is the monthly captured contracts bar chart. This allows you to see and compare performance year over year. There are dozens of other reports in this area that allow you to see the details of how to help hold your team accountable.


6. Sales Meetings

One of the best ways to hold your team accountable using Followup CRM is by conducting a weekly sales meeting with your team. It should be a company policy to have Followup CRM updated before this meeting so that you can have the most relevant, up-to-date information during the meeting. A best practice during your sales meetings is to have your sales or estimating team display their Followup CRM homepage and present their progress to their peers. This is a great way to show your team your progress and get any help you may need to help you reach your quotas – and if salespeople know their pipeline and sales statuses are going to be publicly shared with their team, this will give them that extra push and drive they need to stay on track.

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