Sage 300 CRE Integration CRM

September 28, 2021
Erick Vargas

Sage 300 CRE Integration

Nowadays, a vast amount of consumer data gets generated on a daily basis. As a result, the business environment is getting more complex than it ever was. With that, the demands of potential customers are also constantly increasing a cross all sectors. This requires businesses to adapt to changes very swiftly, and in an organized way.

Furthermore, the proper handling of valuable customer information is yet another challenge. After all, this information is used in forecasting, making important decisions, and to ultimately increase the sales revenue.

In order to manage their customer relations and data, companies often rely on some external software tools. In the construction industry, Followup CRM and Sage 300 (a construction and real estate ERP tool) are the most commonly used.

What is the difference between CRM and ERP tools?

CRM (customer relationship management) tools aid businesses in dealing with front-end customer information. It can be used for recording customer interactions, prospecting, designing marketing campaigns, and pipeline management.

In comparison, ERP tools deal with all the back-end processes and information. This includes the purchase history, shipping details, financial data, details of supply-chain management, billing details, and accounting information.

What are the benefits of Sage 300 and Followup CR Mintegration?

 Followup CRM and Sage 300 can be used independently. However, construction companies have now figured out that an integration of the two can yield amazing benefits that include: Centralization of the database by integrating Sage 300 with Followup CRM, all information regarding existing and potential customers will be stored in a single centralized database. So, rather than manually updating two databases separately, companies can update the centralized database in a single go. This saves plenty of data entry time.

To make a quote, a sales representative will have to use the Sage 300 to access information related to the current resources and costs of a company. Under a single hub, they will also see the discount and promotional pricing that come from the Followup CRM. By using critical information from both of these tools in a single centralized system, sales representatives will be able to get highly accurate quotes. Ultimately, this may lead to timely sales.

Accurate predictions

By using information about customer trends from Followup CRM, Sage 300 can be used to make accurate predictions regarding the demand, estimated sales, and a lot more. Similarly, an integration will also allow marketing professionals to design effective marketing campaigns through Followup CRM, by using crucial data available on Sage 300. The integration of the two tools will allow sales representatives to access the order history, customer service calls, and leads. This may significantly increase the chances of closing a deal. For instance, if salespeople have access to the frequency of repeat orders, it will be easy for them to cross-sell or up-sell.

Collaboration among departments

Perhaps, one of the biggest issues that small to medium businesses face is that there is little to no collaboration between different departments in the organization. As a result of this, data accessibility becomes a big challenge and data duplication becomes widespread.

The integration of Sage 300 and Followup CRM encourages cross-department collaboration. By providing ready-to-utilize data, different departments can stay in loop 24/7.

This allows them to work together, in order to accomplish a common goal.

Quick billing

An integration shall allow businesses to create proposals in the Followup CRM, and to turn these into a successful deal that is tracked/executed in Sage 300. All of this could be done without manual intervention, hence resulting in quicker payments and billing.

At the same time, automatic updates prevent data inconsistencies and can keep both tools synced with each other.

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