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The Best Construction Sales Process For Your Company

Erick Vargas

Winning more clients at a higher margin with lessercompetitors is the goal of every construction business owner. However, a bignumber of construction business owners are usually so busy with their buildingprojects that they set all sales activity aside as the last priority. However,the reality is that winning more projects is a tough activity that needs muchattention.

To develop a consistent sales pipeline that is filled withon-going higher-margin contracts, it is important to commit to winning morework.

In this article, we discuss the steps that will lead you todevelop the best sales process for your company.

Invest in a CRM solution

In this digital world, businesses need to adopt newsolutions. However, unfortunately, the construction industry is still laggingin the sense that businesses continue to rely on outdated methods.

The use of CRM such as Followup CRM paired with asales/accounting solution can do wonders for your construction company. Inshort, it may allow your marketing and sales team to collaborate and pitcheffective proposals to potential clients. These proposals shall be designedwhile keeping the past buying habits of the customers in view. This willincrease your chances of winning more work, ultimately driving your process.

Since a big number of construction companies are stilllagging in this regard, this could give you a big edge in comparison to yourcompetitors in the current scenario.

Target market customer list

To keep the sales pipeline full, it is important to have alist of target market customers that the sales team must reach out regularly.This will include 20 to 300 top potential and current customers. It shall alsoinclude clients in new markets that your company wants to probe.

Furthermore, by using a CRM such as Followup CRM, you couldalso keep a track of all the projects that you have bid on or completed in thelast couple of years.  Sometimes,reaching out to old clients is a great way to open doors to new opportunities.

Developing a sales action calendar

After you have developed a target list of potential salescustomers, it is time to begin using it. In this regard, make a sales actioncalendar, and begin with the customers that you know already. In this regard, aCRM solution would lay down their past habits along with likes/dislikes. Onceyou have all the data ready, figure out how you can convince them to hire youfor the project. Keeping that in view, begin developing a plan to attack eachclient separately.

While this can be a tedious process, it does bring greatreturns. Though, this will require you to have a separate sales team primarilydedicated to it.

Usually, it is suggested to attack an existing or potentialcustomer at least 2 times per year, per customer. Make sure that all the salesactivity is marked on the sales action calendar in an integrated CRM solutionsuch as Followup CRM for future use.

Building referral sales programs

Whenever you visit your best customers, ask them forreferrals to other potential customers who may benefit from your constructionservices. This way, you could find a list of quality target customers that youcan use to expand your business further. Upon receiving referrals, do notforget to send them thank-you gifts to show that you appreciate their help.

Executing the website properly

When it comes to websites, it is extremely crucial to buildit professionally. We suggest you do it the right way, or just don't. Often attimes, having no website is better than having a badly kept website.Nevertheless, a nice and professional looking website can enhance yourcompany's reputation.

All in all, consider it to be a showpiece that you could useto define what your company offers and stands for. A good construction companywebsite should subtly list all the benefits that a client would receive ifhe/she hires you. With that, the website should also be designed as a resourcecenter that customers can use to solve some existing problems.

A general list of pages that a good construction companywebsite should have include:

·      Company profile

·      Home page

·      Expertise and specialties

·      Competitive advantage

·      Project progress

·      Corporate team

·      List of clients

·      Key management resumes

·      Testimonials

·      Detailed research center

Craft great sales pitches

Ultimately, the final nail in the coffin would be anintelligently crafted sales pitch. Rather than wasting money on 15-pagebrochures, develop attractive presentations along with tri-fold brochures,postcards, or flyers that are concise yet effective. While expensive and hugebrochures were effective two decades ago, they don’t stand-out today. Rather,invest more in the sales presentation.

Find involvement alongside the customers

Most clients want to do business with those that they trustand know. So, a great method to find such trust is to become more involved inthe industries in which your target customers reside. In this regard, you couldvolunteer to chai some committees, lead tournaments, do annual fundraising,participate in discussions, and find a way into the board of directors, and alot more.  

Notice from where you will get the most benefit, and getinvolved there. This way, the customers that you are targeting will be morelikely to trust you. Consequently, the probability that they would want to dobusiness with you will increase.

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