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Acculynx alternative

September 28, 2021
Erick Vargas

Acculynx alternative

Customer relationship is one of the major elements of a business, and it has been so throughout the course of history.Even though it was not as organized as it is today, it did exist in various forms. Hence, the customer relationship has always been relevant.


Currently, in the digital age, the information goes around faster than ever and the demands of consumers constantly keep changing. In this regard, CRM (customer relationship management) is a huge necessity for businesses to thrive. Regardless of the industry, every successful business organization relies on a CRM system to manage customer relationships.


While there are plenty of tools out there,Followup CRM and Acculynx are among the top choices. Though, a deep comparison between the two would indicate that Followup CRM is the slightly better Acculynx alternative. And we will tell you why! 

What is Acculuynx?

Acculynx is a web-based project estimation and CRM solution targeting various construction entities that include contractors,management firms, owners, and home builders. It is a multi-solution system that includes features including project scheduling, service management, accounting,and bid management. 

What is FollowupCRM?

Followup CRM is one of the most comprehensive cloud-based customer relationship management solutions out there. This system is designed specifically for contractors in the construction industry and is quite simple-to-use yet highly effective.


Followup CRM is a specialty software that could raise revenues through the roof via efficient customer relationship management.All in all, it guarantees incredible results like none other.

Why is Followup CRM the better Acculynx alternative?

In this section, we compare Followup CRM with Acculynx in a several areas, as listed below:


Typical customers

Overall, Followup CRM is geared for use by enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and small-scale businesses. Whereas, thetypical customers of Acculynx are small and mid-sized businesses only. 



A quick comparison between the two tools indicates that Followup CRM has a higher number of total key features as compared to Acculynx. Out of these 35 key features, Acculynx lacks 30 distinct features. On the other hand, Acculynx itself has a total of 25 features. From Among these, Followup CRM lacks 20 distinct features.


So, in terms of the overall number of features and functionality, Followup CRM clearly takes the lead here. Though, either of the two tools can perform certain distinct functions that the other toolcannot. 



In terms of integration, Followup CRM will again take the lead. This is because it offers a total of 7 integrations with the following platforms: 


  • Gmail 
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Quickbooks enterprise
  • Quickbooks 
  • Visual visitor 
  • FCS Roofing Software
  • Grow


In comparison, Acculynx offers integration with two platforms only that include:


  • QuickBooks 
  • SalesRabbit


User experience

While we are comparing the two, let us also briefly touch the user experience. Based on overall reviews, both tools are highly robust and effective. However, the user-interface of Acculynx may seem a little intimidating and odd for a new user. According to some users, Acculynx Is highly tedious and complex.


In comparison, Followup CRM is highly intuitive and easy to learn. The user interface is very sleek and is specifically designed to help new users navigate through with great ease. Hence, the chances of getting lost on the platform are minimal. All in all, it will get work done in a shorter time.


Trial period

Lastly, Followup CRM also offers a free trial,something that Acculynx does not offer. This free trial allows users to have a deeper and first-hand experience of the service before actually buying it. Inthe case of Acculynx, though, there is no way for a user to test the service without paying for it first.


User platforms

In this case, Acculynx does take a lead! It supports a higher number of user platforms as compared to Followup CRM.


Based on the comparison above, it is quite obvious that Followup CRM is the better Acculynx Alternative. However, there is no doubt that in their respective areas, both tools are quite robust and effective.

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