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Does Your Construction Business Need Lead Management Software?

June 25, 2022
Erick Vargas

Lead management is really the backbone of a successful business. Contractors in all trades, with companies of all sizes, benefit from using quality lead management software to convert leads into trusted customers who will come back to you for repeat business and recommend you to others. Most new customers are developed from phone or website leads. And good software helps you track and nurture through the sales pipeline until they are converted into your next customers.

This can be a time-consuming process if done manually. It takes very little time with the right software, often referred to as customer relationship management, or CRM, software.

When you don’t have an efficient and effective lead management system in place, time is wasted tracking and managing leads. Too many fall through the cracks when follow-up is slow or doesn’t happen at all.  If you’re experiencing these issues, or if you sometimes lose track of where a lead is in the process or what the right next step should be, then your construction or contracting business needs lead management software.

How Lead Management Software Helps a Construction Company

Whether you are a general contractor or one specializing in trades from roofing to plumbing to solar, you can benefit from lead management software. Here’s how it will help your business stay organized and grow.

Does Your Construction Business Need Lead Management Software?

Keeps Leads Organization

Lead management software will provide a business with help categorizing, filtering, and scoring leads as they are received. A good system can capture leads from online sources like social media, visits to your website, email requests, and from phone calls.

Lead categorizing and lead scoring features use a variety of criteria to determine if the lead is hot, warm, or cold. For instance, if a lead “likes” one of your social media posts, they might be considered “warm” but if a lead fills out a contact form on your website, they would be considered “hot” and can be immediately forwarded to the sales team to be contacted.

Allows for Timely Response to Leads

When a “hot” lead is captured, lead management software will alert you and allow you to respond quickly. 

Did you know? 30% to 50% of sales go to the vendor that was the first to respond, according to a well-documented study by Dr. James Oldroyd and reported by InsideSales. 

If a lead interacts with you online such as “likes” you on social media, or reads a blog on your website, lead management software can be automated to quickly respond by sending them information on your company with content related to the subject they were viewing, welcoming them, and including a call-to-action, something like: “call now for a free estimate”.

Helps with Lead Nurturing

More than half of your incoming leads will not be ready to purchase at the time of initial contact. A relationship and trust will have to be cultivated; value should be provided. Done right, this nurturing will move them toward hiring your company. Lead management software often includes a feature that will automatically send the lead pre-determined emails with relationship-building content and incentives intended to persuade the lead to take the next step and move along the sales pipeline until they are ready to purchase.

As noted, the task is automated, so the process will not take time away from the sales team. It will, however, send the emails on a specific schedule, and will record the response of the lead including whether they opened the email, responded to a link contained in the email, or visited your company’s website as a result.

Keep in mind that information sent through the automated system can be personalized too. 

Provides Lead Tracking

Lead management software helps builders and other contractors track all leads to determine their position in the sales process in real-time. 

Does Your Construction Business Need Lead Management Software?

Includes a Lead Dashboard

A big feature of customer relationship management software is the lead dashboard. The dashboard provides all of the information about each lead and where they are in the sales pipeline, all in one place, in real-time. You’ll see all of the contacts between your company and the lead including whether they received an estimate from your company, have responded or need an additional follow-up contact.

Job files and documents pertaining to each lead can be attached and stored in the dashboard. Meeting notes or information from phone calls can be entered, and to-do lists can be created.

The lead dashboard integrates with email programs like Outlook and Gmail and will automatically store all emails to and from the lead.

When you are on the dashboard and click on a lead, everything relating to that lead will be visible and easy to access. Everyone on the sales team can have access to the dashboard keeping them all updated.

Provides Reports and Analytics

Because your leads come from a variety of sources including marketing campaigns, referrals, inbound calls, and website interactions, analyzing the data on each type is very useful. Not only can lead management software help qualify leads, but it will also track all leads through the pipeline to a sale and then provide you with a full history of all interactions between your company and the lead.

The software will analyze where the lead came from, how they were converted to a sale, and how long it took. You can then understand which marketing tactics worked best, as well as, where the best leads came from.

Helps Your Bottom Line

Lead management software saves you time and keeps everyone organized and efficient allowing your sales team to better use their resources and energy.

Maybe it’s time to explore quality CRM/lead management software options. Every day, it is helping contractors in fields such as construction, home remodeling, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, solar and roofing get ahead by productively moving leads to sales.

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