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Top 10 Best CRMs for Construction

October 12, 2021
Courtney Fuller

Shopping for a CRM when you work in the construction industry isn’t always easy. With so many options, it can be difficult to really understand which CRM works best for your needs. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you and put together a list of the top 10 best CRMs for construction businesses to really help you narrow down your search. In this video, we’ll cover an overview of their features, pros and cons, as well as pricing. Let’s get started.  

10. Jobber


Coming in at number 10 we have Jobber. Jobber is best used for their scheduling module that allows users to update jobs in real-time, including information on progress and completion. Jobber helps with setting up a single job or a recurring contract, assigning multiple employees on a single job. This CRM also offers a drag-and-drop functionality, so users can move appointments around. Invoices are sent automatically via email and follow-ups are built in. Jobber partners with various electronic payment apps, such as Stripe and Paypal for all its transactions. What Jobber lacks, however, is the fact that they don't work with Quickbooks desktop. Pricing varies from $29 up to $279 per user depending on the plan.

9. Pipedrive


Number 9 on our list is Pipedrive. Pipedrive provides sales personnel full visibility of different sales pipelines. A robust interface displays the progress stages for each deal with the complete details for next actionable items. The activity & goal feature allows users to track the pending activities in each pipeline. Pipedrive also offers custom sales reporting tools to monitor individual and team level targets, analyze sales data and generate visual reports. While Pipedrive integrates with a wide variety of apps, they do lack integrations with most third-party construction apps contractors use on the daily. Pipedrive is an effective CRM but is very generic as far as who they cater to. Pricing varies from $12.50 to $99 a month depending on your subscription type. While Pipedrive is more on the affordable side for a CRM, we highly recommend investing in a CRM that is specific to your industry, speaks your language, and works hand-in-hand with other crucial construction apps and software.

8. Unanet CRM (Formerly Known As Cosential)


At number 8, we have Unanet CRM, formerly known as Cosential. Unanet CRM is a cloud-based CRM and Proposal Generation software used to win better business and accelerate growth exclusively for construction, architecture and engineering firms. Unanet CRM is your catalyst for change.  Unanet CRM is great for commercial business development but lacks features that follow the sales process for service and residential companies. Pricing is comparable to Followup CRM’s. However, clients are billed annually while Followup CRM offers month-to-month payment options for those who prefer to test out software before fulling committing financially. Overall, Unanet CRM is a great option for commercial construction companies looking to improve business development.

7. Job Progress


Number 7 on our list is Job Progress. Job Progress provides automated estimates and proposals for tracking features and customizable workflow stages or steps. The job scheduling management function and GPS functionality help users navigate to and from jobs and dashboard work centers help manage workflow. Users can add or track multiple jobs per customer. Other features include staff or production calendars, digital signatures, remote pay, insurance estimating and sales automation. This CRM is specific to residential companies, so if you’re a commercial business, Job Progress likely isn’t a good fit for you. Job Progress is priced at $60 a month per user and has a one-time set up fee of $750.

6. Acculynx


At number 6, we have AccuLynx. Contractors can use AccuLynx to manage every aspect of business including sales pipeline, CRM, projects, production, scheduling, task and activities, communication, estimating, workflows, material ordering and reporting. While AccuLynx has a lot to offer, it can oftentimes be confusing to use because it is so robust and does not have a calendar available like some CRMs. AccuLynx costs $69 a month per user.

5. Jobnimbus


Number 5 on our list is Jobnimbus. JobNimbus is a flexible and easiest to use construction management software. It allows you to track leads, jobs, and tasks from one hub. You can access your information wherever you are, get everyone on the same page, and grow your business. Jobnimbus integrates with several construction tools, reducing the need for double entry for many platforms. It is important to note, though, that Jobnimbus does not particularly work well for commercial clients and they do not currently have a functionality for e-signatures. This CRM is best fit for residential construction companies. The cost for this program is $75 a month per user.

4. FCS


Number 4 is FCS. FCS is a cloud-based software system that is suitable for roofing businesses of any size. The solution’s real-time processing allows data to be captured remotely on any device. Key features include customer relationship management (CRM), company record management, inspection documentation, invoicing and project tracking. The downside to FCS is that there is currently no dedicated app located in Google Play or Apple's App store. For pricing, you’ll have to reach out directly to FCS as this information is not currently public.

3. Dataforma


At number 3, we have Dataforma. There are four main customer management modules, and nine business process modules offered in Dataforma. The customer management modules include a contact management system, correspondence management, and a calendar. The business process modules include those specifically designed for service management: work order management, project management, warranty management, and document management. Dataforma also offers a customer portal, which allows contractors - and their customers - to access information about active construction projects in real time. The downside to Dataforma is the inability to add pictures and reports to contract worksheets. Pricing starts at $69 a month per user.  

2. Salesforce


Coming in at number 2, and one of the more popular CRMs, is Salesforce. The Salesforce app has capabilities that include sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management and customer service. These applications help organizations manage customer accounts, track sales leads, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns and provide service post sale. Like most larger CRMs, Salesforce caters to most major industries, making it very generic and not fit to manage a construction bidding process. When shopping for a CRM, it’s important to find one that’s specific to your industry because if the CRM speaks your language, it makes it easily adaptable and comprehensive. The pricing for Salesforce varies from $150 to $300 per user per month.

1. Followup CRM


And of course, coming in at number 1 on our top CRM for construction list is Followup CRM. Followup CRM is your all-in-one cloud-based CRM catered specifically to construction businesses. Followup helps you grow an unlimited database of contracts and organizations, see full timelines of contact activity history, tracks all your emails in one place, offers extensive sales and estimating dashboards to help you better project and track your goals, allows you to create beautiful and customizable proposals, has a new project management tool to keep your team on track, and so much more. Followup integrates with several go-to applications contractors use on the daily. From Outlook and Gmail to Foundation Software and The Edge, Followup connects to all your essential construction platforms to help make your day-to-day seamless and keep all your data in one place. And what really sets Followup CRM apart from the competition is the hands-on customer service you get. Followup offers one-on-one onboarding training with our customer success managers to help users set up their account that is completely customizable and catered to their specific business. Followup also has a support center on their website with a plethora of tutorial articles and videos, an Academy that allows users to receive Followup certifications, a YouTube channel with several tutorial videos, weekly user training, and a 24/7 chatbot. With all this helpful content at your fingertips and a responsive customer success team, Followup CRM users are able to get the training and help they need to best leverage the tool and, in turn, win more deals. Users love Followup CRM for its simple functionality, hands-on customer service, and overall offerings. Pricing varies from $55 to $100 per user each month depending on your subscription type.

We hope this list helps you narrow down your options as you shop for a CRM. Whichever path you decide to take, we wish you the best of luck moving forward and hope you find the right software for your business.


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