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Ways to Save Time as a Commercial Roofer

March 16, 2022
Courtney Fuller

Managing customers and keeping clients happy is the ultimate goal for any organization. This is no different for the construction industry. Unfortunately for many, organizing client relationships is being left to spreadsheets, whiteboards, pen and paper.

Introducing Followup CRM which provides a one for all solution, specific to the construction industry. It provides a centralized hub to store all customer relations with added integration with third-party applications to ensure no detail is lost! Long gone are the days of searching through folders and numerous documents to find the information you need, Followup CRM simplifies daily operations with its easy-to-use platform.  

In this article, we will detail how Followup CRM can benefit you and your construction business!  


As contractors, we often use spreadsheets to manage all of our data. While this may work for a period of time, as we scale our business, we start to run into problems. Duplicated data can result in errors and is inconsistent when it comes to reporting.  

Having a centralized, one source of truth is key when we are working with different people ranging from customers, suppliers, employees, and business owners. Followup CRM helps construction companies track and manage your sales process from start to finish and gives you all the reporting tools you need to make informed business decisions. Further to this as our CRM solution uses the cloud, you can be assured your data is safe.  

Reporting & Analytics


Reporting and analytics is key to growing your business as a commercial roofer. Followup CRM knows this and provides you with on-demand automated reports, a portfolio of clients and a history of transactions from your business with clients.  

As well as providing a multitude of reporting and analytical tools to help track your sales, project data and help you make informed decisions. Being able to see trends from historical data is key to knowing which jobs are worth bidding on. This can help vastly improve your business, moving away from static one-time reports to dynamic real-time information which presents an accurate picture of your business.  

Built for contractors

This software was built by contractors for contractors, so you can be rest assured Followup CRM speaks your language and follows the bespoke construction bidding process. Followup CRM allows you to seamlessly log all your bids, making it easy to keep track of your sales process, project details, quotas and goals.  

Hit due dates, manage workloads and keep your team in sync with one calendar. Since construction companies get their customers through bidding, having a bid calendar on hand will keep you and the rest of your team on track with regards to getting potential projects in the near future. This ensures no bids fall through the cracks and allows for complete transparency so sales people can be held accountable and more deals can be made.  


Accessibility is key when you are working on the job. You could be out on a client site and need access to a quote or information about your next job. Followup CRM is cloud-based, enabling you to access your information from anywhere on any device.  

Keeping Communication Consistent

Disjointed communication is a red flag to customers. Keep your communication consistent and in one place with FollowUp CRM. Follow-up email sequences allow you to personalize your sales outreach at scale and inspire more of your email recipients to take action.  

Your sales team is wasting too much time hunting down the right content. Reps are fumbling around with copy and paste, formatting, and hacking together documents. Proposals are off-brand and inconsistent, but sales can’t afford to wait for marketing to design one for every deal. Followup CRM untangles your process and puts your team on the straight path to sales success.

In addition to this, emails, messages, phone calls, and information get lost when there is no central hub to store communication details. Organize all your contact details and manage leads in one place. Followup CRM allows you to input notes, messages, manage emails all in one place so sales can prioritize their outreach. A phone call, lunch, meeting, email, or anything in between. You can’t control the outcome of deals; you can only control the actions that push deals to close.



So why choose Followup CRM and not another generic software such as Zendesk or Salesforce? Generic CRM software typically doesn’t integrate with third-party construction software such as Dataforma, Foundation Software, Stack, Vista, and more.  

This enables you to keep track of any supply chain delay and material shortages. One of the biggest challenges for business development and sales teams is spending hours on typing, copying, and pasting. Followup CRM automatically pulls in contact details like phone numbers and email addresses from your email. Followup CRM users save an average of 10+ hours per week. This removes any risk for user error such as double entry, allowing you to save time and focus on what really matters.  

In addition, it takes a substantial amount of time to customize a generic CRM to your construction sales process and ends up costing your company more money. For commercial contractors, generic CRMs also require you to create duplicate opportunities, taking up more time and giving your company inaccurate reporting.

Leveraging a construction-specific CRM like Followup saves commercial contractors so much time and money as it already follows your bid process and gives you the most accurate reporting needing, eliminating any need to manually pull numbers.  


To conclude, Followup CRM aims to move your organization to a more accessible and organized business. Building at scale requires nurturing client relationships, potential leads while aligning your team’s sales activities. A well-designed CRM which is bespoke for the construction industry gives you the ability to organize your efforts to meet all of your sales goals.  

Followup CRM offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. To learn more about Followup CRM and how it can help your construction company save time by scheduling a demo.  

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