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Top 5 CRM Software for Roofing in 2022

August 10, 2022
Erick Vargas

The best customer relationship management software for commercial roofing contractors are programs with built-in flexibility and performance features that will make your team more productive and profitable. Here is a list of the top CRM software for roofing contractors with an explanation of what they can do for you.

Followup CRM

Followup CRM is a customer relationship management program created by Gregg Wallick. As Wallick grew his general contracting business into a large company, he found that he needed a CRM program that would allow him to scale growth while maintaining outstanding service to his commercial roofing customers. The result is the award-winning Followup CRM that effectively addresses the organizational and business needs of roofers and contractors in related fields.

The program was created for users who may not be tech-savvy. In fact, Followup CRM was voted as the 2022 Emerging Favorite Easy-To-Use Construction CRM Software by Capterra.

What You’ll Like about Followup CRM

Followup CRM puts the tools at your fingertips that allow you to stay organized, keep customers flowing through the sales pipeline, track them and use effective means to move them to and through a sale. All customers’ info is instantly available in the central dashboard that couldn’t be easier to navigate and put to use.

· Sales Tracker: Make your sales process more efficient and productive for your sales team. They’ll make smarter decisions about customer contacts and outreach that lead to better results.

· Bid Log and Bid Tracker: As their names imply, these features allow you to log and track all of your bids and sales processes. The information keeps the process flowing, reminds team members of deadlines and how to effectively get the deal done.

· Scheduling: Sync calendars, add new activities for all to see, update to-do lists for a coordinated sales and CRM effort.

· Reporting and Analytics: These features give you immediate access to past data and reports, so you can see what has worked and what hasn’t, leading to higher sales rates and profitability going forward.


Followup CRM works with Outlook and Gmail, accounting and ERP systems like Spectrum, Sage, and Foundation, and programs like Dataforma and Edge.

Resources and Benefits

Followup CRM multiplies your efforts with a high-performance support center, live training for you and your team, frequent webinars and a customer portal.


BidBook is a cloud-based CRM designed for commercial and residential roofing contractors' businesses to manage bids, client relationships, projects, and revenue.

What You’ll Like about BidBook

BidBook allows a roofing contractor to track and manage all of their business relationships including all contact information for their clients and suppliers in an easy to access, central location.

You can manage all aspects of bids and proposals and never miss a bid deadline. Use BidBook to organize all bidding opportunities, collect files, drawings, and addendum, and assign bids to sales and estimation teams.

BidBook’s analyzing tools allow you to visualize all revenue, track revenue events, and therefore, maximize profits. You can also analyze budgets, cash flows, profits, and margins.

Send alerts to team members for due dates, assignments, and follow-ups with BidBooks notification system.

BidBook Works With…

BidBook integrates with many third party applications including Microsoft Office, Outlook, QuickBooks, and email programs. BidBook also integrates with accounting platforms, and estimating programs.

Resources and Benefits

The website doesn’t provide customer support information but online customer reviews give BidBook a 5 star rating for customer support.

A construction worker using a tablet


When general contractor Kurt Clayson couldn’t find a quality, full-feature CRM software for roofing and related construction trades, he built his own. The result was the 2020 launch of Projul to solve customer relationship management problems.

What You’ll Like about Projul

Cloud-based Projul is easily used in desktop and mobile apps. It delivers lead, task, and project management tools you and your team will find easy to use. And all your information about leads, bids, current and past jobs – plus photos and other documents, are stored and readily available in one place.

As a result, a team using Projul will assist improve your team’s effectiveness in managing leads and projects. For example, the lead management feature makes the sales pipeline visible and trackable, so leads aren’t overlooked but rather are efficiently and profitably connected with.

The Calendar gives you an at-a-glance overview of current projects and their status.

Templates are simple to use to create estimates and invoices, use e-Signature to get client signoffs quickly, and create change orders from the mobile app for immediate client approval.

Projul Works With…

Most email and calendar software as well as other business applications like QuickBooks.

Resources and Benefits

The Projul website includes assistance like videos, a help center, a searchable knowledge base, and call, text, and email support options.

TopBuilder Construction CRM

TopBuilder is one of the most advanced sales and marketing tools for construction companies including roofing contractors and home builders. TopBuilder offers a cloud-based CRM software program roofing contractors rate very highly.

What You’ll Like about TopBuilder

TopBuilders CRM tools allow you to track and manage your bids, collaborate with your team, send customized quotes and proposals, and manage your leads from one easy-to-access, central location.

With TopBuilder CRM you can quote your projects faster by building, managing, monitoring, and sending them through one platform. Include job photos, custom graphics (your logo), and project notes with your quote.

All of the tasks, activities, and documents relating to each job are visible through a convenient dashboard. You can easily manage all of your sales and pre-proposal processes with TopBuilder CRM.

Track and manage your sales pipeline, job information, and projects with TopBuilder. You will also be able to understand your team’s sales performance and identify areas of improvement. Spot market trends by using the analytics and reports features.

TopBuilder Works With…

The TopBuilder CRM integrates with email and calendar apps, Word and Excel, and a variety of other business software including Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE.

Resources and Benefits

The TopBuilder Resource Center features videos including demo videos, blogs, and eBooks.

A construction worker on site, using a laptop on a table


BuilderTrend was founded in 2006 with the goal of designing a software program for the commercial roofing and general construction industry that would provide a better solution for managing projects.

What You’ll Like about BuilderTrend

BuilderTrend is a process management program that includes a CRM (customer relationship management), project scheduling, project management, financial management, and service management, all in a single platform.

Consolidate all leads onto a single sheet allowing users to track and expedite the pre-sale processes from bidding to proposals.

The project management tools allow field users to send daily updates, status reports, and working conditions for each project using daily logs. Built-in scheduling features provide users the ability to view all tasks in progress and even link subcontractors to items and tasks.

BuilderTrend Works With…

BuilderTrend works with Android and iOS applications and integrates with other business software like QuickBooks and Xero.

Resources and Benefits

BuilderTrend provides each company with an account manager for training and support and there is a 24/7 live chat help section available. A user can be involved with the BuilderTrend Learning Community or attend BuilderTrend University.

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