5 Ways to Increase Sales on Proposal Day

Courtney Allbee

In construction, delivering the proposal can make or break a sale if you don’t follow the right steps. It’s typically the last impression we make during the sales process and one small mistake during this step can be detrimental to closing the sale.  

Follow these five tips to help you increase your sales on proposal day:

1. Reiterate the pain points

Typically, in construction, your services are solving a pain point. Sending a proposal is one of the final steps in the sales process and it’s important to remind the prospect of why your service is the solution to their pain point(s). Remind them that this is a need and that your product and services are absolutely crucial for solving their problem.  

2. Give the prospect a few options, but don’t get carried away

It’s always a best practice to list out more than one pricing option/package to give your prospect options and allow for some flexibility. However, be cautious of how many options you do include on the proposal. Don’t get too carried away by offering several options that will overwhelm the prospect and prolong the proposal from getting signed. We’d recommend keeping it concise with 2-3 pricing options.  

3. Include testimonials and previous work examples


By this point in the sales process, you’ve hopefully already built that rapport and trust if the prospect is requesting a proposal. Reiterate that trust by including client testimonials and previous work examples in the proposal. Throwing in a quick positive quote about your past services from a client is just the cherry on top. We all know that roofing and construction jobs can be on the pricier side. A testimonial can help show the value of your services. In fact, according to a study by Power Reviews, “customer testimonials placed alongside more expensive items increased conversion rates by 380%!” Highlighting previous customer testimonials can exponentially increase your chances at closing the deal, and the proposal is one of the best places to include this.

Including visuals of past work you’ve done can also help sway the prospect. Showcasing your past work acts as a case study and just contributes to that social proof, increasing the prospects trust in your company.  

4. Make it short, sweet, and to the point

No one has time to sit down and read a 20 page long proposal. This is only going to prolong to decision making process and we want that proposal to be signed as quickly as possible. When creating your proposal, make it short, sweet and to the point. Use headers, images, and bullet points to help break up the text and make it more consumable. The easier the proposal is to read and comprehend, the better your chances are at closing the deal.

5. Invest in a proposal generator tool

Construction and roofing companies unfortunately have a reputation of not necessarily keeping up with the digital trends. This gives your company a competitive edge and advantage when you invest in a proposal generating tool that allows you to create sleek, customizable, on-brand proposals. Using Word Docs to create your proposals limits you immensely as far as design goes and takes up so much time and energy having to type everything out every time. Wouldn’t you want to get the proposal delivered as soon as possible so you can get a faster answer?

Investing in a proposal generator tool, like Followup CRM’s, allows you to use a pre-made template that you can completely customize to your brand and quickly fill in all the details in a matter of minutes. Not only does it look nice and professional, but it also connects to your project file with that company’s information and your sales activities for that company, keeping everything organized and in one place. You can quickly and easily create and submit the proposal directly from the Followup CRM platform.  

To learn more tricks and tips on how to create a proposal that will sell, click here to watch our Free On-Demand webinar. And to request more information on Followup CRM’s proposal generator and features, click here.


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