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How Contractors Can Win Profitable Jobs And Streamline Workflows

Ross Romero

How Contractors Can Win Profitable Jobs And Streamline Workflows

By Ross Romero


You know you can improve your subcontracting business, but you don't know where to start, what to fix, and how to fix it. A good place to start is organization and tracking. When you have proper systems in place to effectively manage your documents, communications, and leads it's easier to narrow down the ways you can streamline your business practices.


Finding A One-Stop-Shop For Your Contracting Business


When you're looking for a one-stop-shop solution, there's no better place for contractors to go than Followup CRM. Followup CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) system, built by contractors, for contractors. We understand your gripes because we've been there. There are many CRM systems on the market, but none were specially created for contractors and subcontractors. Sign up for a demo of our software to get a first-hand look at our features, which are capable of managing all the solutions provided below.


"Followup CRM is a customer relationship management system, built by contractors, for contractors. We understand your gripes because we've been there."


 Centralizing Communications For Contractors

Communicating is the foundation of every relationship, including professional relationships. When you centralize communications for your business you make it easier to communicate internally, between teams and point people, and externally with clients. Scheduling appointments and keeping them is no longer chaotic, and you can be sure everyone is working with the most updated information. You can also keep communications secure by centralizing it to one digital system.


Centralizing Documents For Contractors

Centralizing documents in an easy-to-use system cut down on human error and miscommunication that is bound to happen when completing contracting proposals and projects. Not only will you be able to avoid costly mistakes, but you can also avoid malicious ones too. Centralizing documents keeps your finances in order to avoid fraud or embezzlement. The cherry on top is that come tax time, centralized documents make for easy auditing.

 Tracking Bid Pipeline For Contractors

Not tracking the movement of your bids down a pipeline is a recipe for disaster. Most contractors do track their bid pipeline in some way, but is your chosen method the most efficient one? Using Followup CRM's tools ensures your sales team has enough coming down the pipeline to meet sales goals. You can also be sure you’re submitting the highest quality bids and proposals because of an organized system. You'll never miss a deadline again.


When you track your bid pipeline you can make informed decisions about where to invest your resources and understand the short-term and long-term health of your company.

Tracking Leads For Specialty Contractors

Tracking where your leads are coming from if they're hot or cold, and if they're converting into sales are all essential to continue growing your success and profits. When you track leads you can identify the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful leads, which helps predictions for which leads are worth pursuing.  You'll also get a better understanding of your sales pipeline and uncover any gaps that may be causing quality leads to drop off the radar. Ultimately, your team can prioritize certain leads over others based on historical lead information, resulting in a better ratio of success.

Tracking Sales For Specialty Contractors

Tracking Sales

If you aren't tracking sales, you aren’t tracking your success and potential improvements. You can analyze trends to avoid feast or famine months throughout the year and clearly see if the company as a whole is profitable. You also ensure you're giving your team the resources they need to be efficient and strong sellers, backed with knowledge about what works and what doesn't.

Tracking Sales Teams

Tracking sales teams is more than a way to keep your employees accountable. When you track your sales teams, their efforts, losses, and wins, you gain insight. You can more effectively coach your salespeople by learning where they need to improve, and also celebrate those that consistently go above and beyond. Understanding performance allows you to revisit your sales goals to make sure they are attainable but not easy enough to let employees coast. Continued monitoring of sales teams also allows you to ensure that feedback is being applied to improve sales.

Tracking Sales Activities

Tracking sales activities is the backbone of tracking your sales and sales teams. When you focus on the individual sales tasks getting done (or not), you have a good foundation for understanding why strategic changes should be made to your sales department.


When you track sales activities you learn which methods are most effective for closing deals with your clients. You also find the gaps in service that are getting in the way of closing deals. Armed with this knowledge you get clear evidence if your sales are growing, shrinking, or stagnating.

The Followup CRM Solution


Followup CRM provides reports, graphics, pipeline and sales activity management tools, and so much more. Find out if we are a good fit for you and your contracting business.

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