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Organize Your Sales Process with the Right Roofing Software

Erick Vargas

A successful roofing company starts with your sales process. When it comes to growing your construction business and increasing retention, it is crucial to ensure you have a solid sales process inline. Organization and consistency are key to closing more deals.

One of the best ways to do this is by investing in the right roofing software such as a CRM. A CRM specifically for roofers and contractors ensures your sales process is seamless and organized from start to finish.

Organize Your Sales Process With The Right Roofing Software

Stop jobs from falling through the cracks

Companies that track their job costs are essentially gaining the knowledge they need to accomplish their goals. Without knowing the results of a project, there would be no way of knowing how to improve and no incentive to work harder or faster.


For the best results, your company should regularly record job costs on a weekly basis and share them with your contractors. This will provide the information everyone needs to know and show whether production strategies need to shift in order to reach your goal.


By taking the time to determine all the actual and estimated costs for each project, you can understand how each project is performing and motivate your crew to keep focused on getting results. This process also tells if a project is staying on the right timeline and if you are keeping within your budget. If not, it’s not too late to assess what adjustments need to be made so that you make money rather than lose money.


Generate High-Quality Leads

One way that a CRM can improve roofing sales is through generating higher quality leads. The first step to the sales cycle is finding the right leads. A CRM software helps you collects leads from your target market through its lead management component. It features tools like lead scoring, categorization and tracking to help you build and pursue leads.

Organize Your Sales Process with the Right Roofing Software


A CRM also helps you close more leads than ever by keeping track of what stage customers are in throughout the sales process. A CRM offers a number of features that make the sales process as easy as possible, allowing you to make the most out of new leads.


Strengthen Communication

A CRM can help your team communicate better and drive more sales. Communication skills are crucial to sales success. As a salesperson, you have a lot of data to track and exchange with team members.


A CRM software makes communicating this with team members easier by tracking conversations and letting you share them with those who need access. That way, everyone working with a customer can view and update their data as necessary and ensure that no information gets left behind when switching off between departments. 

Software applications designed for use by roofing contractors—on a desktop or mobile device—are often referred to as roofing applications, or roofing apps for short. Many roofing apps help roofers carry out their everyday tasks, such as capturing customer information and photos at a job site, ordering aerial measurement reports,creating an estimate, or communicating updates about a job from the field to the home office.


Organize Your Sales Process with the Right Roofing Software

Roofing apps are being adopted by companies at a record rate because they help employees work smarter. With better organization and access to information, teams can collaborate more effectively and conduct their work in the most efficient manner. And when you have highly productive and effective teams, you ultimately see growth.


A roofing application,roofing app for short, is software designed for roofing contractors to use on their desktop or mobile device. Roofing apps have features that help roofers manage their daily tasks better and work smarter. They organize documents so roofing crews can work more efficiently and share information easier.  




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