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Monitoring Sales Teams For Your Construction Company's Success

Ross Romero

Monitoring Sales Teams For Your Construction Company's Success

By Ross Romero


Managing a sales team can sometimes feel like herding cats. Everyone is doing their own thing, with varying degrees of success, and opportunities for coaching them aren't always clear. When you have a system in place that allows you to track your sales team, like Followup CRM, weak links and pain points come to light.


"Tracking your sales teams is not about scaring your team into working harder, it's about understanding the playing field."


Top 3 Reasons To Track Your Sales Team


  1. Effectively coach your salespeople by learning where they can improve
  2. Revisit your quotas and goals to make sure they are attainable, but not too easy
  3. Monitor individuals over time to ensure they are completing tasks

Coaching Salespeople For Improvement

Tracking your sales team's tasks, communications, and progress on quotas is not about scaring your team into working harder, it's about understanding the playing field. Ultimately, tracking salespeople to see where they can improve, or when they should be celebrated, is a benefit to everyone in your company.


When you track your salespeople individually, you gain insight about strengths and weaknesses, so you have an immediate game plan for how to effectively coach each member of your sales team. You may find where one person excels at face-to-face sales, another is more efficient on the phone. Use this information to position your best players in roles that are well-suited for them, or to potentially cull some of your team that consistently falls short.

Recalibrate Your Sales Quotas

When you track your salespeople, you can see across the board if several of them are struggling to meet their sales quotas, or if a lot of them are consistently achieving goals. Both of these are problems. If most of your team consistently fails to meet less than 50% of their sales quota, the number they're trying to hit may be too high.


You might find an unhealthy bid pipeline or unqualified leads are the reason why most of your team can't attain their numbers. 

If most of your team is meeting more than 90% of their quota, you may need to increase it to motivate your team to aim higher. You will also have a much clearer picture of how to appropriately compensate your salespeople.

Ensure Follow Up, With Followup CRM

With the tools you've gained in coaching your team and setting a good range for sales goals, you can also use sales team tracking to ensure your good work isn't going in one ear and out the other. Continuous monitoring of your salespeople will allow you to continue building on the improvements you started, and see over time the tangible benefits of sales team tracking.


You can do all these things and more on Followup CRM, a customer relationship management system that creates individualized dashboards for all your employees. Part of this dashboard includes color-coded tasks and appointments with scheduled due dates, so you can see first-hand, in real-time, if your salespeople are dropping the ball or hitting it out of the ballpark.


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