Six Features to Look for When Shopping for a Construction Project Management Tool

Courtney Allbee

Whether you work for a residential or commercial construction company, we all know that there are many steps to completing a project. From pre-construction to production to close-out, there are multiple tasks that need to be completed through each phase and being able to properly manage and keep track of the status is crucial for a successful project. Using a project management tool specific to construction is key for keeping organized and executing a flawless project. Here are six features to look for when shopping for a construction project management tool:

1. Find a Project Management Tool That’s Cloud-Based

Working in construction means constantly being on the run. Depending on your role, it’s likely that you’re not sitting at your desk all day glued to a computer. That’s why it’s important to find a construction project management tool that is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere. Let's say you’re on a site and complete an inspection. You’ll want to check that behavior off immediately after, so you don’t forget. Waiting until you’re at a computer connected to WiFi makes it easy to forget. Especially when you’re visiting multiple sites a day. A cloud-based project management tool helps keep your project management process organized and always up-to-date.

2. Find a Project Management Tool That Offers Easy Scheduling

Whether you’re an estimator or account manager, working in construction tends to get busy, and oftentimes, chaotic. Having a project management tool that offers a scheduling tool is ideal for staying organized and never letting a project management activity fall through the cracks. It’s always a bonus if the construction project management tool has a calendar view that allows you to drag and drop behaviors to help you quickly reschedule activities. Consider this feature when shopping for a project management tool to help you and your construction team to stay on schedule.


3. Find a Project Management Tool with a Dashboard

Being able to view a comprehensive dashboard that gives you a visual of all the project management behaviors that need to be completed along with their due dates is crucial. A dashboard that displays this information helps individuals and administrators see what needs to get done for the day, what is late, and what behaviors are upcoming. Look for a construction management tool with a dashboard to help keep you on track.

4. Find a Project Management Tool that Displays Data from an Individual and Company Level

It’s important to be able to view project management information from both an individual and company level. This feature will allow admins and sales managers to see who’s on top of their activities and who is behind. This is great for holding team members accountable as it allows for transparency, and in turn, helps you fill any necessary gaps in your project management process. This is also great for leveraging in weekly sales meetings and see where the team is at.

5. Find a Project Management Tool that Has Reporting and Analytics

When shopping for a construction project management tool, it’s always a bonus if they offer reporting and analytics. Being able to track historical data is absolutely critical when it comes to making informed business decisions. Understanding what type of projects are being sold and which ones aren’t allows you to see which jobs are worth bidding and which ones aren’t, saving you time in the long-run.


6. Find a Project Management Tool with Communicative Features

Being able to communicate internally with your team along with the client is extremely important no matter what industry you work in. Be sure to find yourself a construction project management tool that allows you to connect your email to the system and keep your conversations organized in one place. It’s also important to find a project management tool that lets you easily interact with your team members by tagging them in specific projects. This is great for getting answers you need quickly and efficiently.  

How About Investing in a Project Management Tool that Has All Six?

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